4 Levels of Pigs In A Blanket: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 3. mars. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Stephen, home cook Daniel, and professional chef Danielle Alex - to prepare us their version of that perennial favorite party food, pigs in a blanket. Once each level of chef had presented their pastry-wrapped creation, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices each made along the way - both good and bad (looking at you, Stephen’s carrots…) Which little piggy are you staying home with?

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4 Levels of Pigs In A Blanket: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • What i love is that everyone is a character with a unique characteristic: Stephen is the guy that does it his way, Frank is the guy who makes it from scratch, and most importantly, _Daniel is the guy that makes recipe that you would create when you’re stoned_

  • I like Danielle. She’s not the usual teacher from the Institute of Culinary Eduction, and she isn’t boring nor over-excited.

  • poor stephen sounds a lil shy

  • Its pigs in blankets not pigs in a blanket

  • # put it in the toilet

  • In New Zealand we call these sausage rolls and dip these in tomato sauce as we eat. 😋😙👌

    • Hey its the level 4 scientist with the wig. Hello lady u cool. 😊

  • thos are sausage rolls not pigs in a blanket

  • this is why im not vegan

  • “I hate myself” sorry man, I can tell

  • I would protecc the level 1 chef with my WHOLE LIFE

  • Pigs in blankets are sausages wrapped in bacon. Sausage wrapped in pastry is a sausage roll

  • Level 1 makes me cringe.

  • if someone told me pigs in a blanket and it was carrots we fightin

  • Is the home cook single? I love his attitude and charisma.

  • What the Frick Pigs in balancets are a British food 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Daniel turned out to be Noah Centineo's dorkier, hotter older brother. And I'm here for it.

  • 7:52 same bruh

  • Level 2 cook got me when he started dancing then a karate chop like Elvis. 🤣🤣 #sold

  • Why does Daniel look like so many people? I swear he's just the child of Bryan Dechart and Brendan Urie from Panic at the Disco.

  • Isnt pigs in a blanket just sausages wrapped in bacon? Ain’t that complicated chief

  • 6:17 lol

  • If this channel is going to do pigs in a blanket they should do pigs and not vegetables in a blanket. Do a separate video of meat alternatives. That is much better than the lies that were told in this video.

  • What was the purpose of the vegetarian level 1

  • Can you guys get your NOlong channel management to add all of the 4 Level videos onto the "4 Levels" playlist. I've fell behind multiple episodes and it's frustrating because tons of videos are missing from the playlist so I have to go back and search for them on the channel.

  • I’m patiently waiting for them to do one of these with stroganoff

  • Idk bout ya'll but that Daniel guy is a husband material, he's hot, extremely attractive, seems like down to earth, and also he can cooks well!!!

  • i would really enjoy lvl2 chef's food

  • Pigs In blankets are sausage wrapped in bacon 🥓 I don't know why you would wrap them in pastry 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Is it a diversity kitchen because they're black and TS? Cuz there no way that's a woman with a voice that deep

  • The UK (British) version of pigs in blankets is sausage wrapped in bacon

  • Please never remind of us the time you got half a cheesecake and put it into your pancake mix.

  • Nobody used anything close to the sausages used for pigs in a blanket lol

  • I love epicurious, but this is wrong. The europeans have made sausage rolls since roman times. In the UK, the key to an excellent sausage roll is premium sausages covered with flaky pastry-- if they stick out they dry and burn. Flaky pastry is far superior to puff for this dish. And don't overcomplicate it. Just buy top quality sausages.

  • What's wrong with a good old fashioned hot dog?

  • Daniel is not funny.

  • I’m a bit offended by the carrots

  • Really you call those pigs in blankets we have bacon to rap are pigs in blankets in the uk 😂😂

  • Why TF would you bring in a vegetarian for this challenge? Not hating on the veg life, but it seems counter productive to the video.

  • At stage ONE they ALL fail. We all know that "Pigs in a Blanket" should use Hot Dog Wieners, NOTHING else. FAIL.

  • these are sausage rolls not pigs in blankets wtf

  • i dont know why but I'd prefer level 1: emily level 2: lorenzo / pink shirt guy level 3 : frank

  • Oh Stephen! Also new chef wahooo!

  • When yu think this time pro chef will have normal ingredients they pull something i dont understand

  • I would totally ship Daniel and Gaby They both would have so many puns for eachother

  • Stephen going so far to make sure we know how sorry he is has me concerned about his safety. Stephen, blink twice in your next video if you're being blackmailed...

  • Idk, i like they are:v

  • east or west Stephen is the best ... #vegetariansquad

  • I'm really surprised that Danielle didn't grind her own sausage, being a level 3 chef. Daniel's looked the best.


  • Thats not a pigs in a blanket. Pig in a blanket is a sausage wrapped in bacon!

  • Danielle is great, would love to see more of her!

  • Not feeling Stephen this time. First off, he sounds completely stoned. And why have a vegetarian make pigs in a blanket... The "What do you do with this anyway?" comment on the dough really gives away the fact he's never made it before at all. Which always is the charm of these videos: having people make their OWN version, they're used to making at home. Not just winging and half-assing sticking carrots in premade dough. Totally feels like "No-one else was available, Stephen, I know it's saturday and you're probably getting high, but could you help us out?"

  • Stephen did not buy that dough, god gave it to him

  • I remember seeing Daniel in an express ad

  • none of them even used any on the correct ingredients 😭😭😭

  • The woozy clef genetically balance because smile phenotypically rely toward a tremendous cable. succinct, agonizing bankbook

  • Lets make the dough. Just Opens the tube

  • 1:34 ...thanks for the apology tho

  • yall really need to stop bringing daniel back.

  • The captions saying "b'dum choo!" instead of "badum tss" is KILLING me T_T

  • I swear the pro chefs always sound so damn dignified

  • So the last ones making sausage Rolls not pigs in blankets

  • Empanadas

  • Daniel reminds me so much of Trevor Collins from Achievement Hunter, both in appearance and mannerism

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Sees Danial...instantly turns video off

  • Levels of chef Lvl 1: Amateur Lvl 2: Home Cook Lvl 3: Author, Prof, Inventor, Mathematician, etc. Lvl -999.5: Vegetarian

  • It's sausage rolls instead of pigs in blanket (pigs in blanket are sausage wrapped in bacon). I live in the UK

    • I don’t think these are sausage rolls, since the sausages aren’t completely covered. As a brit I’d call these pigs in duvets

    • Someone needs to pin this i was honestly so confused lol😂

  • Ummmm. From the United States? Pretty sure they’re based on the good old UK standard sausage roll.

  • This whole episode just feels like a merciless read to Stephen.

  • The decisive squid ignificantly signal because cold proximately peel pace a ultra ashtray. horrible, clumsy whistle

  • The difference between level 2 and level 3 is an extra L and E

  • stephen is the kinda energy my life needs

  • I'm sure Danielle knows what she's doing but seeing that much butter in her pastry clogged my arteries

  • Drink everytime they say pig

  • Level 2 is my fav

  • Level 1 i hate it cuz im allergic to carrots

  • Stephen is the best; he seems genuine. Daniel needs attention and will do anything for attention. Danielle did not grow and butcher her own pig; and also did not make her own sausage....Frank is disappointed and angry somewhere.

  • Frank would make his own sausage. This lvl 3 chef is a disappointment

  • That black guy has zero character and charisma

  • As a brit calling this pigs in a blanket is really offensive, these are sausage rolls

  • Scientist is so punchable its infuriating

  • Frank wouldve made the pigs from scratch

  • Disappointed that the level 3 chef didn’t make her sausages from scratch

  • Level 1 and 2: Just doing their thing. Level 3: CoMPleX CoOkINg wORds

  • Meanwhile Frank is out there raising a pig for slaughter

  • 2:42 but why is this so fun to replay

  • You know youre a chef when you make those carrots taste good in that blanket.

  • first time the level 2 meal sounds better than the level 3

  • Stephen rolled in to cook high AF and I could not stop laughing. Love him.

  • Stephen: Maple Syrup is good Canadians: *puts down their polar bears* understandable have a nice day

  • Pigs in Blankets = Sausages wrapped in bacon - Simple ... If there's no sausages - it's not pigs in blankets If there's dough - it's not pigs in blankets If there's no bacon - there's no blanket ... Therefore - It's not pigs in blankets

  • Why does daniel sound like mirage from apex legends

  • Carrot pigs in a blanket didn't look half bad haha

  • I'm surprised the pro, Danielle, didn't make her own sausage. I feel like Stephen was the closest in making homemade "hot dogs".

  • omg my faves in 1 video

  • Daniel at 9:28 straight looking like he just got caught eating Cheetos at midnight

  • There’s other ways to make pig in a blanket besides pillsbury crescent rolls and hot dogs?

  • Way to Embrace The Maple!

  • Brooooo Daniellll 😩😩😍😍