4 Levels of Shrimp & Grits: Amateur to Food Scientist

Publisert 26. jan.. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Shariff, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Jameeale Arzeno - to prepare their best shrimp and grits recipe for us. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which shrimp and grits makes your greatest hits?

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4 Levels of Shrimp & Grits: Amateur to Food Scientist


  • Ookay I love Lorenzo but they should have had Julie instead for that line up just saying..

  • Instant Grits?

  • I’m sorry but #1 takes and beats 2 n 3 Level 1 chef is certified good classic meal

  • Shrimp & polenta looks pretty but its not grits, sorry.

  • looking for a video with Lorenzo... lol

  • Shariff your shrimp and grits look amazing!! Sure you’re an amateur??

  • im only eating from 1

  • I would try Shariff and Lorenzo dish

  • I bet shariff comes from south west Louisiana. He’s my kind of cook, yum !

  • To be real, I'd eat Shariff's grits first. Man has andouille, shrimp, and jalapenos and he didn't use insta grits. I see no level 1 there. Bless

  • Is it just me but I just don't like this Level 3 chef. She seems very basic in her technique and honestly, doesn't make stuff that fancy compared to the other 2. Plus, she had a plating fail.

  • Level 3 chef always try too hard and disappoints me every time 😭

  • This is the first time I'd only want to try the level 1

  • Flamingo pink!! 🤣😂🤣

  • OMG LORENZO! When you said the poor man juicer or maybe the wise man juicer I died laughing! Anytime I need a cheer up I watch the videos you are in and I cant help but get into a much much better mood!! Keep up the most amazing and positive attitude! Absolutely LOVE IT!!

  • "I'm actually famous for my Grits"... who even are you?

  • Sorry, but I'd pass on the level 3 chefs dish. What she made is polenta, NOT grits. Level 1 chef blows the other 2 out of the water.

  • I feel like Shariff deserves an upgrade to a level 2 cook, he's definitely above the other level ones

  • Level 1's looks soooo good

  • ehhh i just make my cinnamon toast crunch by putting the cereal in the bowl then adding milk :/

  • Me to the level three chief "don't be shy put some more " level 1 chief "MORE

  • I love how the level 3 chef "socially distanced" her shrimp 😆

  • I try to be an open minded person, but something about coconut milk in grits makes my Southern heart cry!

  • I prefer Sharif's dish. I don't even like grits, but I would totally eat that whole thing. Being Southern, it's a sacrilege to use instant grits, and corn, so that's out. And, polenta isn't grits, not where I come from, anyway. The point is to have silky, creamy grits under your sauce and shrimp. Besides, if you gave me that dinky serving for what I can only imagine they charge for it, I would be pissed

  • These level 1 guys are going for the prize. High level stuff

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Where’s Brad Leone at? #Allicin

  • Ain't no way level 1 can be classified as level 1

  • i like shariff more. the portion size is better lmao]

  • I tried Salmon & Grits in Charleston, SC made with locally grown rice grits.

  • Lorenzo 😂😂😂😂

  • Are you telling me that grits is cornstarch but make it bigger? (sorry, I really have no idea, I'm not from the US)

  • I’m gonna have to give this one to Shariff. If given the chance though, I’d definitely try them all.

  • I love how Lorenzo greets every ingredient he cooks

  • Shariff should be the level 3 chef in this episode, what that lady did to those grits should be a crime

  • She needs to go to jail

  • Level 3 chef sounds like Joes wife from Family Guy

  • What does Shariff remind me of Jamie Foxx. I mean that in a good way.

  • Me: mmMMMmm I'm gonna make this Every chef: Step number 84, we're gonna.... Me: FOH

  • I really like level 2 chef his mood in each video woowwwww I never get tired to watch him 🥰🥰

  • As someone who is from South Carolina, Shariff's dish looked way more appetizing than the other two, Like no offense to Lorenzo, His looked great, but not what most would want to be their first shrimp and grits for it not being traditional, and im not even gonna talk about grits patties, that is just wrong. Pro Chef or nah, grits patties is like mayo and banana pizza. Shariff is invited to the cookout, Lorenzo can get a to go plate, and Jameeale is banned from the state of South Carolina. Grits patties are an abomination dear lord! I have had gullah style shrimp and grits, so as an expert southern person my opinion is fact (this is mostly a joke, the only part not being a joke are the jabs at grits patties those are terrifying) LMAO, but if ur not from the south and you wanna give shrimp and grits a try, DO SHARIFF"S VERSION. stay far away from making nasty patties!

  • Shariff and Lorenzo are so enthusiastic about cooking. I respect that

  • I'm surprised to see none of them made roux/gravy. The Thai seasoning might be interesting but corn on grits is suss. The ragout approach was definitely different.

  • As someone who was born and raised in New Orleans, and is from an actual Cajun family, 1 looks best but I appreciate everyone else trying to elevate it to make it more classy

  • I have never been so disappointed at a level III chef before 😂. I love Lorenzo but I’ll take level one’s shrimp and grits over the others

  • Shrimp 🍤 and butter 🧈 grits with 🧀. These classics are timeless. And give me life. Keep them coming. Sweet ☕ on the side.

  • Lets face it nobody gets as far as the food scientist

  • Shariff's Shrimp and Grits is legit that is close to how I make it. Though I am liking Lorenzo's version and may give it a try.

  • The order of my interest is reverse of the chef's "level". Drooling over Shariff's, would like to try Lorenzo's, zero interest in the 2 shrimp vegetable ragout over polenta cake (sorry Jameeale)

  • The only dish I would eat is by the level 1 chef 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • level one is the closest grits recipe that i know. the other two shouldn't even be considered shrimp and grits. who quenelles their shrimp and grits lol. and why would you add corn if grits is already a type of corn

  • Hi, how are you? A good video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day!

  • Honestly as a South Carolinian I’d prefer level 1

  • the way i jumped after seeing that Lorenzo is back TwT

  • Nah Lorenzo you post me on this one boy

  • Lorenzo gives me charles boyle vibes

  • lorenzo really out here saying, "melk"

  • Wait, in New York grits are unknown? Cousin Vinny knew about them...enough to dismiss a testimony.

  • Honestly Sharif’s grits looks the tastiest

  • Australian here... what exactly is ‘grits’? 🤔

  • I'd definitely go for Shariff's, love me some spicy and his grits looked HEARTY

  • jamee is so adorable!

  • no way that first guy is level one, thats a level 2 dude

  • Shariff > Lorenzo ^____^

  • Mel... KISS MY GRITS!

  • Tim Curry!

  • Sharif seems like one of the dudes from get out who’s body got taken over 🤣

  • Shariff is the best among all the level 1 chefs and of course Lorenzo is the funniest among the level 2 chefs

  • Shariff’s dish is the TRUTH, that’s what you’ll get if you ask for Shrimp / Grits in Louisiana.....those Grits are bible :)

  • Shariff’s dish is the TRUTH, that’s what you’ll get if you ask for Shrimp / Grits in Louisiana.....those Grits are bible :)

  • Level 1 won for me

  • This is a simple dish that does not improve as it is chefified. Like an egg or a burger. Simple great flavors.

  • I like how you can tell what level the chefs are just by what they say Level 1: were making shrimp and grit Level 2: were making shrimp and grit Level 3: shrimp and ragou. or something I can’t spell Level 4: for there are chemicals. And things I don’t understand

  • I would reverse these numbers in terms of appetizing to me. Level 1 being the most and level 3 being something I don't think I would even try.

  • Romanians crying as they see the 3rd chef make "Polenta"

  • Shariff's shrimp and grits look BOMB! He's punching well above his weight in this episode. Looks amazing.

  • "Place them in the pan so they're socially distanced" did she really just go there lol

  • I swear Lorenzo can cook anything

  • The only reason Shariff is a level 1 is because of his knife skills. He's got the makings of a level 2 otherwise!

  • Sorry but this level 1 is not level 1 he's too good! I've seen people make "Shrimp n grits" (I'm in SC btw!) by combining pre cooked shrimp from the freezer with a couple packets of quakers instant grits :) That's level negative one!!! lol

  • im prolly thinking of naming my daughter allicin thanks to rosemary at 16:30

  • make kimchi

  • The dream team for this show I think is, Emily, Lorenzo, and frank.

  • Cucumber

  • Why didn't your food scientist say instant grits suck? Because they do. You never get the right texture out of instant.

  • If I'm in a Restaurant, I walk out. The pro is using bottled fish sauce and Polenta. Wrong ingredients! Where your homemade shrimp stock?!? Level 2 thai grits? With corn??? Wtf?? Level one using sausage? Everyone using cheese?!?!?!? On shrimp??? No trinity from anyone? And no one is talking about using real grits. Original, not instant. Or stone ground can be used. Greetings from where it was invented.

  • Paul Prudhomme and Justin Wilson are rolling in their graves. Sacrilege! Where's the effing trinity!?!?!?

  • The professional chef didn't even use hominy. Y'all are going to turn me into Uncle Roger with these terrible unauthentic recipes.

    • And why is it fine dining uses half the grits the mom and pop shops?

  • The funny thing about this is I don't expect cheese in shrimp and grits. It is a sometimes ingredient. And it's an argument. There are those of us that love cheese, except with seafood! I worked in fine dining in New Orleans. So I grew up with shrimp and grits, and served the high end variety. It would be nice if someone had the authentic recipe.

  • Level 3 looks sad and dry af. All hat and no cattle. I think number 2 is the winner, here

  • I would call Shariff a home cook lol

  • I love Lorenzo but I just don't feel using instant grits is a level 2 move. Still is probably good though.

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  • P o L e N t A

  • I have actually never tried shrimp and grits. Is it good because I would love to try it

  • Is 15 years experience as a chef mandatory? Cos.....

  • Lorenzo: uses coconut milk Qiqi: ;OOO the cocogoat milk

  • First time I ever thought level 1&2 were completely disappointing.... in fact I thought level 3 was inedible... Sharif!!!!!! Carry On!!!!! Outstanding!!!

  • I'll take plate #1 from chef #1 please. No disrespect to the other chefs and they're creations. I just prefer plate #1. When he said he felt like he was just transported to SC. I was all in.