4 Levels of Roast Pork: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 21. jan.. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Shariff, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Jameeale Arzeno - to wow us with their best roast pork recipe. Once each level of chef had presented their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which pork would be first for your fork?

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4 Levels of Roast Pork: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • All levels know what they're doing. It's good to see a level 1 chef that isn't cringe inducing clueless.

  • I miss the regular level 1 chef

  • See Lorenzo is Filipino! Kababayan! Whooo!

  • They made all different dishes... difficult to compare their level.

  • I love Lorenzo - would love to just pick him up, put him in my pocket and take him home with me! 8^D

  • plantin

  • I click the video. I see Lorenzo or Frank and I stay. If they’re not in it, I bounce. Simple. Lorenzo is comedic relief and frank is the OG calm chef.

  • Why do they keep saying 4 levels of Roast Pork? There are only 3 roasted porks. Just because a food scientist is breaking down what the cooks are doing doesn't mean it's another level. It's a narration. I don't know why it bothers me as much as it does. I'm probably weird.

  • We Stan Lorenzo

  • I have now made Level 3's Puerto Rican pork TWICE for my Puerto Rican boyfriend, and we are *obsessed*. We made fried plantain chips instead of the torte and the beet sauce was surprisingly phenomenal (I don't like beets).

  • Lorenzo's Liempo.

  • Yey! Lorenzo is back!

  • I think Shariff is the most attractive person I've ever. Wow. :o

  • I would like to see Gordon Ramsay cooking here

  • She didn’t even check for the brown part of the banana

  • Level threes dish looks incredible

  • Ahhh when she said ✨Pernil✨🥰🥰 I got happy cuz I’m Venezuelan and LOVE when my mom would make some

  • All of these people agree that Shafiq is a level 2 cook ...

  • They should make the four masters complete: Frank, Beth, Lorenzo and Emily.

  • "i'm using a pork shoulder to make a roasted pork shoulder" every 60 seconds a minute passes

  • I wish I was there as the level one chef to make my family's roast pork loin with hotdogs, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

  • Roast pork is the most amazing food ever. Except for roast chicken..

  • I mean, they all killed it, bit i want to beat shariff's, that pork looks bomb

  • Liver pate ? get outta here with that garbage

  • You've killed a pig just for ur video

  • Level 1 chef all day! 👍🇭🇲

  • Emily , Lorenzo and Frank are whom i sub for in this channel. 🤣😅

  • Is this Lorenzo's full time job now?

  • Lechon pork belly is comfort food

  • aight i'm convinced, Lorenzo is a Filipino.

  • That level. 1 guy fine as hell.... it's a meal cooking a meal imnotthirstyyouare

  • I am sure the level 3's pork is delicious, but I have never seen/heard of pernil without cilantro.

  • Shareef is so cute and talented- looking like a young Jaime Fox 🤗

  • yes

  • Wow lorenzo is funny as always but today his a bid serious I love him

  • I am definitely here for Lorenzo and Shariff🙈✨

  • imagine what lorenzo’s family thanksgivings are like

  • Oh sweetheart from level One...your dish looks yummy, but next time push your cooked potatoes through a ricer for creamy mashed potatoes! Sincerely with love, Level 2 chef:)

  • level 1 deserves level 2

  • The level 1 guy looks like a young Jamie Foxx

  • The level one guys looks like he’s straight out of a comercial

  • Yo, let's get more Shariff! Like he says here, as soon as I saw his knife skills I thought "Yeah, THAT'S a level 1 chef." But I tell you what, his corn chowder was great. I want to see more of this guy.

  • shariff ain’t level 1 man. he’s a level 5

  • level 1 dude is actually right though, he's one of the best level 1s alongside Emily

  • That crunch when lorenzo bite the pork is like a asmr

  • Lorenzo: comes back. God: *”Everybody liked that.”*

  • All 3 Chefs created wonder on a plate. I'd like to try Chef Jamie's food though

  • make kimchi

  • Shariff's rost pork is my favorite. Im hungry now after watching this dang. The other to did good but when i get home from a long day at work i want mash potatoes and a big slices of meat 🍖 👏

  • I am 11 I have been in the usa for 6 years and she's purto rican I bet she is gonna make it like my grams does well maybe I've better nena que rico es el pirniel

  • First dude needs to be a level 2.

  • Thats not Puerto Rico on a plate honey, don’t you everrr say that...

  • All three dishes looked delicious

  • Quite disappointed to Lorenzo for not using his finger for the rice-water ratio. And for using a colander. Haiya.

  • I don’t eat pork but i kinda want to now ... damn that lorenzo crunch and honestly sheriff should be lev2 already

  • Idk why, but i think the number 1is better cause its more appetizing than 2 or 3.

  • The level 3 chef looks like moana's older version ☺

  • Sharif is higher than a level 1 chef

  • oh good grief. Pork Belly is NOT traditional roast pork. Pork shoulder or pork Butt is the cut of meat to use. You don't use the leg cuts because those are considered HAM. If I have the time I use a slow cooker to cook it low and slow. If I don't have the time then it's the Instant Pot. For me, roast pork isn't going to have a 'crispy' skin because that usually produces a dried out meat. To each their own.

  • yas my mom and dads favorite filipino food

  • Lechon is a roasted pig btw

  • 1) Excited bc I saw Pernil.. 2) Sees plantains and beets 3) bursts into tears and slowly exists while stealing the pork. Backstory: I don't like the smell of plantains and I hate beets. And that ladies and gentlemen is why my salvadorean grandmother hates cooking for me 😂😂😂 I would totally eat Shariffs roast pork though 😍

  • Wuss-ter-sher. 5:32

  • Lorenzo is lvl 5

  • Lechoooon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wait Lorenzo is filipino???

  • Herbaceous is a great name a for any drag daughter of Vivaceous

  • the level 2 used so much salt

  • Lorenzo:Wash the rice Uncle Roger:Oh My God! I'm gonna go nuts

  • why the thyme, noone gonna eat tht

  • Yummy Lechon Pork Belly from Lorenzo 😍

  • When is Shariff getting level up to level 2??

  • Can you please film your videos at higher quality? I dont mind even paying for a sharper picture for your videos.

  • Sorry but level one rocked it and I would def be using his recipe

  • I think Lorenzo is level 3 now

  • i would eat the lev 1 pork (it is close to home)

  • I probably knew several ways to roast some pork, but it sort of depends on the cut and what direction I want to take it. However, very interesting to see 3 totally different styles of cooking here.

  • Shariff and Lorenzo's total meals looked the best.

  • Lechon kawali is yum!

  • No one: Not even Frank's farm raised pig: Lorenzo: LECHON me 🇵🇭: I have been summoned

  • “make you wanna smack yo momma” level 3 in my book just for that

  • Why did it feel like Lorenzo was trying to punk us the whole time...

  • So the idea is the better the cook the less you eat

  • Lorenzo wasn’t laughing as much as before in previous videos. Anyone else notice?

  • Pork without the fat is not nice..thks for sharing..

  • Where are your vegetables?? None of them used any, why? Potato doesn’t count, it’s just the alternative for the rice. For plantain I have nothing to comment 🤨 Btw I’m not saying it’s not tasty, it’s just weird for me, I always make sure that lunch or dinner I prepare contains some veggies

  • level 1 "my knife skills suck but my food tastes good!!!" one of the only ones to be correct

  • A new chef that I saw yaaay 😁

  • I'm loving that amateur cook. I would eat the crap out of his shrimp and grits and this dish

  • Her: food processor Me: fancy blender

  • Pernil is THE BEST. If you tried it, you know. Made me so happy to see it be made on here!! And plantains?! 🤤🤤🤩

  • Level one sounds like a try hard

  • The amateur’s food looks the best

  • Let’s be honest, everyone is here for Lorenzo

  • Yea, I know how to burn grilled cheese *What, you want an autograph or something by?*

  • Frank is still out feeding the pigs with truffles, giving the massages and playing them Mozart.

  • I am here for Lorenzo!! Also the pork belly 😍

  • Lorenzo!!!!!!

  • *Lorenzo uses a strainer to rinse and pot to cook the rice* *Uncle Roger has left the chat*

  • LORENZOOOOO!!!!!!!!!