4 Levels of Meatloaf: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 17. feb.. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Emily, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Chris Scott from the Institute of Culinary Education - to make us their favorite meatloaf recipe. Once each of them had presented their take on this family pleasing classic, we asked food scientist Rose to weigh-in on their choices. So what do you think, want to try them all? Even two out of three ain't bad when it comes to meatloaf.

Visit the ICE Blog for Chef Chris Scott's Level 3 Recipe: www.ice.edu/blog/meatloaf-with-bacon

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4 Levels of Meatloaf: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • I enjoy how they cut from Emily saying that it was originally a Jewish recipe so there's no pork, just beef and then to Lorenzo with both shrimp and pork. and sadly Frank could not be part of the video, as he is still developing the breed of cattle for the farm he will build to raise the livestock that he will use to grind his own meat.

  • The best part of meatloaf is the meatloaf sandwich

  • Guys don’t worry, frank is still growing the tomatoes for his own ketchup.

  • pog0

  • Is it weird that the only dish that actually looks like (or frankly is) meatloaf is the level 1 dish?

  • Yay! I love to see Chris! I’ve been a fan since seeing him on Top Chef

  • lVL 3 seems like a paté en croute, as we like to eat in France

  • Lorenzo's is the best in my opinion. Emily's looks kinda dry and crumbly but I would absolutelly eat that ketchuptastic dish. Sorry Chris but I prefer burgers over beef Wellington.

  • Level 1: This is exactly what I expect from meatloaf. Level 2: If you're cooking an entirely different meat just to make the sauce for your meatloaf, you're doing it wrong. Level 3: Yeah... this is honestly just getting to be overly pretentious. Nobody's going to expect a beef wellington stuffed with quail eggs when they ask for meatloaf. The garlic mincing trick is nice, though.

  • chris made a sausage roll, lorenzo added seafood to a perfectly good meatloaf, emily's is the only meatloaf there I would eat.

  • So glad they’re back in the studio!

  • Hey I’ve been a chef for 30... shut no one cares

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  • Is comforting that no matter how high a level you go or how long youve been cooking, NO ONE can pronounce Worcestershire

  • Turn on the closed captioning: @2:05... Not a typo.

  • This is the fourth video NOlong has recommended to me. Thankfully, it's only 3/4ths as awful as the last one. Go home algorithm, you're drunk.

  • Meatloaf in a pie crust IS NOT MEATLOAF! These idiot young chefs!

  • So,l Emily made close to a meat loaf but more like a meat-hash. Lorentzo made some sort of fish abomination. And the chef made a meat pie. Also Lorentzo's chewing set off my misophonia something fierce.

  • Well, I loved this video and it taught me 3 different ways to make Meat loaf, and Chris doesn't know it but. I'm his sister, so I hope he sees this post. Great Job Guy's.

  • shrimp???????? I think thats a downgrade from emily's. if it aint broke

  • The dude really does the "I paid for the whole level 3 I'm gonna use the whole level 3"

  • Is Chris married? Because......

  • This is my first time seeing Chris work but i absolutely love it

  • I always wonder if thats Rosemary's actual name. It seems like the name a cartoon would use for her career because its perfect.

  • Nobody talks abour how Emily and Lorenzo dull their chef knives on the plate? 🔪😱

  • i see Emily *Happy noises* i see Lorenzo *More happy noises* i see Fran- :(

  • yes

  • Emily is hands down the coolest chef in any of these videos!!

  • i am a simple person. i see lorenzo, i click

  • since the beginning, I've suspected that Lorenzo was trying to sell something, and at 7:13 i found what it was

  • If only level 3 was frank we would have the best combinations

  • 14:21 oh my god I love it haha 😂

  • I'm surprised Emily actually made something containing meat.

  • All meatloaf deserves a catsup glaze

  • 4:55 she knows...

  • Emily... she has it going on.

  • Wtf, did emily get demoted back to level 1?

  • Why did people keep saying that Emily was a level 2 chef in the omelette video? If I’m not mistaken, I remember she said she didn’t know how to properly crack eggs.

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  • Emily: Rose is going to have a lot to say about this sauce Rose: skips Emily's sauce.... lmfao

  • OMG Lorenzo is just the best darn home cook. Cracks me up. Definitely a Dad kind of guy. Anyone get an update when he's adopting us? lol

  • Does anyone have a reccomended copycat recipe for lorenzo's meatloaf?

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  • Worshishiershireshishishire sauce -Chris 2021

  • "this recipe is Jewish" "ok, let me make it with pork AND shrimp" 😅😂😂😂

  • The fact the food scientist didn’t even MENTION Emily’s “sauce” 💀

  • I hate the 3rd level one idk why

  • Whoa that fork minced garlic hack is great!!!

  • More Chris, please! He's super-informative.

  • The Holy Trinity of ketchup lovers lol

  • Bro Lorenzo made like 5 different dinners to make a meatloaf 😂😂😂

  • @2:03 Dude just admitted to having the meat farts. I mean... I get it, but why tell us?

  • Lorenzo's sauce with the Wellington for me!

  • Love the fork garlic cheat! Def will be using int!!

  • Am I the only one who read Meatball not meatloaf? I was so confused the whole video

  • Honestly at this point Heinz should just pay Emily!

  • Ok so this is a first, Lorenzo's loaf did not look good to me at all.

  • Emily, nothing bad happens on medium, but nothing good happens either...

  • There’s nothing quite like a good hot meatloaf sandwich.

  • Wouldn't PostIt glue melt down and get soaked into the meat?

  • only emily did meatloaf tho

  • 14:22 Emily: 🎶And I would do anything for love🎵 Me: (my reaction) 🎶But I won't do that🎵 Meatloaf: (from the ending) 🎶 No I won't do that........🎵 (Piano notes and strings ending)

  • wait people make meatloaf with pork???

  • Torn on this video. Love Lorenzo...not a fan of Emily.

  • How in the world did that post-it note not literally melt or catch fire

  • Epicourius how I do love your channel. 👍🏼👍🏻👍🏼👍🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏻👍🏼👍🏼

  • Emily : a lot of garlic powder Me : that’s not even a quarter of what a lot of garlic powder means to me 🤣

  • You know they doing too much when Emilys dish is the ONLY appealing one to you...any other time, I would love to try each chef's dish thiugh.

  • omg that garlic mincing trick is genius!

  • Only one of them made meatloaf. Those other 2 things the guys made look okay, but Emily did it right.

  • First frame of the video: Ketchup Me: This gonna be good

  • "This is Level 3. So we're gonna take it to Level 3." It's a beef wellington-inspired meatloaf composed of layers of mushroom duxelle, a meat farce of four types of meat, and quail eggs, in a flaky pastry crust in a tureen mould, with a spruce-scented, juniper berry-and-red wine sauce. I think you took it well and truly beyond Level 3.

  • Im allergic to pine. SO Chef THREE.... YOU JUST KILLED ME!!!

  • Level ONE!!!!!!

  • Pork... and SHRIMP!?!? No no no. NOPE!

  • Now we need a video that has Lorenzo making egg rolls.

  • Me: Meatloaf is not a fancy dish Chris: Hold my spatula

  • I think lorenzo is a Filipino or half filipino because I'm some dishes he make it in a Filipino style

  • Was wondering why I liked the level 3 chef... then I realized that his voice reminds me of Obama's

  • Hannibal Lector will eat you all in a cooking contest.

  • I ❤️ Lorenzo~ The man cooks like me!

  • Level one: Simple. Easy. Looks like something anyone could make and get a good meal Level two: more complex but the flavor profiles will be out of this world. Something you make for people you love. Level three: probably amazing but also probably $500

  • i like lorenzo

  • Level one: meatloaf Level two: meatloaf Level three: Ah! Pâté en croûte !

  • Meatloaf is one dish we do not eat in my house. It's still nice to watch, also I'm wondering what Chris did with the rest of his meat mixture.

  • I guess I’m the only one who hates Emily, idk why I hate so many of the ppl u guys have on here

  • Today we'll be making meatloaf. BRING ON EVERYONE'S FAVORITE KETCHUP FIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good to know nobody else can pronounce Worstertasheshashire either.

  • Seriously?! ...seriously... Rose is just gonna go ahead and ignore the -elephant in the room- frickin' _tree_ in the sauce? Also... why a Post-it? Those have glue on them, dye in them... why not like, oh, I dunno... baking paper? And then that rusty old baking dish? Am I the only one that's both fascinated and horrified by that dish? He took all that wonderful hand-ground meat, quail eggs, rough-puff pastry, and duxelle, and then drizzled "medicinal flavored" tree sauce on it. Yeeeeah... that is either totally Michelin-star worthy, or absolutely inedible, and I have _no_ idea which. It may also be ever so slightly toxic...

  • I'll happily eat every single one of them

  • When Emily sang punny meatloaf.....I never wanted to hi five/fist bump her more in life lol

  • I would love to see a four levels of Philly cheesesteak!!!!

  • Lorenzo is the best!

  • this just proves that meatloaf can never look good.

  • Me waiting for Lorenzo to be level 3

  • Emily: Rose will probably say this sauce is weird Rose: *doesn't even mention her sauce in the video*

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  • I like Chris's voice. I can imagine him saying "I'm going to put this sauce in the fridge while I go save the world. Don't touch that sauce til I get back."

  • Guy makes a classic pâté en croûte and calls it “Meatloaf Wellington”. Very interesting

  • I think Emily win