4 Levels of Pad Thai: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 23. des.. 2020
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur John, home cook Natasha, and professional chef instructor King Phojanakong from The Institute of Culinary Education - to stir fry us their preferred Pad Thai recipe. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which Pad Thai take the prize in your eyes?

Check out the level 3 recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/pad-thai-recipe

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4 Levels of Pad Thai: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • Any level 1 who can make a pad thai is automatically a level 2

  • King: "This, is my pad thai." *proudly shows off omelet*

  • None of them really made anything that looked like a pad thai to me. Natasha's was the closest, but I'm not a tofu person.

  • All three of those people made a good pad thai. But that expert had the most fun. Maybe that's the secret to a good pad thai, PASSION!

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  • hat the f was that? tofu pad thai? watery chicken pad thai? chorizzo in pad thai? wrapped in an omelet?

  • The vegetarian dish is traaaaaaash. She just said it was seasoned properly and she only used salt lol

  • Level 1 dish looks fire

  • john cut one of everything for display

  • Why vermicelli... It looks like stir fried vermicelli. I'm not even thai but I'm horrified

  • "Able to absorb more sauce while cooking thanks to their increased surface area"... vermicelli has significantly more surface area per volume than the flat noodles because they have a smaller diameter.

  • I agreed with like all of Kings ingredients and I was like ok this is gonna be sick, then he turned it into like a pad thai omelette ??? I was like WTF man you were going so hard. Natasha's was definitely the most authentic even tho I'd want some chicken in there lol, but respects to the vegetarian crowd, that looked bomb

  • Who else thought that Johns noodles looked like string

  • Who else just watches the cooking and not the food scientist

  • Natasha was the only one who made pad thai. Whatever the professional chef made was horrendous

  • If i used metal tongs on a non-stick pan like the level 1 did my parent's would've probably beat me 😂😂 I couldn't help but cringe! But the level 2 made was super interesting! I always struggle finding a good vegetarian pad thai.

  • When I’m hung over 😂. Wonderful!

  • King: "I wish these prawns were alive" Prawns: "Yea, me too"

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • john is gay

  • Imma be pad thai later on today. This video made me hungry.

  • John is so gay

  • I can relate to Natasha so much with being the right height when cooking.


  • that padthai look sad

  • Ok using steel tongs on Teflon is nono

  • John’s pad thai looks like a random Chinese noodle. 😂

  • Soo, level 2 chef is making a veggie pad thai....but then adds eggs?!

  • Wow if I was on this show. My pad thai would be sooo different. And wayyyy tastier.

  • Are you sure pad Thai is so complicated I only need sauce seafood the noodles bean sprouts and eggs then I'm ready to go just dump the seafood and noodle in boiling water for 30-60 seconds then put the eggs in a frying pan and scramble it for about 20 seconds or until almost done then just dump the shrimp and noodles in the pan and then add the sauce after it is cooked just dump the bean sprouts in the pad Thai until it is done

  • seeing the noodles being wrapped into that omelet is my villain origin story

  • Is king wearing omega seamaster ? Or is it something else

  • Isn’t the girl a vegetarian? Why is she mixing eggs? I am confused.

  • I hate tofu. It’s very bland

  • king is so funny- he's become an MVP

  • She said, she is vegetarian and then put eggs into the dish :/

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  • As I’m here in Thailand, please come and check any of our street food which is quite original. . . . Sorry to say, all level shown here we won’t call it PadThai. Any way the girl is the closest.

  • Me, everytime I hear "King's" name: who names their kid "King"?? Also me, a few seconds later: "Roy..."

  • As a Thai and know how to cook this dish. (I did many time with meat or veggie one) I can forgive Amateur John for not know how to cook it. For home cook is so so as its a vegetarian style but for big chef is unbelievable that he's an expert chef but not knowing how to cook it! My head hurts!

  • Hehe, as a Thai person watching this clip... I appreciate their interpretation of Pad Thai ;) ... It's just close to, but not Pad Thai we cook and eat in Thailand...

  • Level 1 chefs have also their own different levels. There's John who is near level 2, Emily who cooks quick meals (typical for any level 1),and then there's Stephen who made ice cream sundae from commercial ice cream.

  • Now this is Pad Thai!

  • As a thai NO!!🤢😭😭😭😭

  • Less is more! Natasha’s pad thai looks the best 🤤🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️

  • 8:47 when king said they will get more bean sprouts I just imagined some guy at the studio must have started scrambling to check if they have more sprouts.

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  • How is it a VEGETARIAN adds EGGS to a dish and has no problem. yet EGGS are not VEGETARIAN since they are MEAT.

  • John is getting better ngl but he needs to learn about chicken thigh because it has more flavour 😭

  • John: 0:18 I loovvvveeee pad thai Also John: * doesn't use the right noodle to begin with and uses vermicelli instead of rice stick noodles *

  • I'm Thai but none pad thai of these

  • The tamarind paste is really important in getting a proper Pad Thai flavor. John added citrus in the form of lime, which is just not the same. A lot of people don't like tofu because they don't know how to work with it. Straight out of the package, tofu has very little appeal in flavor or texture. However, properly frying the tofu is one way to really improve the texture, and tofu is a flavor sponge. It takes up the flavors that you cook it with. Seasoning the oil with some salt, pepper, and chili flakes alone will make a big difference, and give it a little time to drink in the Pad Thai sauce flavor to get it to peak.

  • Nah nah those aren’t pad Thai at all😭

  • Natasha and King have become 2 of my favorites.

  • King had so much fun cooking this.

  • King should have his own show

  • Good try with that versions. I like to see this dish grow up to difference way. but for real Padthai i prefer the original one.

  • I’m Thai and i’d like to taste all of them!! They look interesting.

  • Eh

  • As a Thai, I am HURT. Lmao 💀🤡 please come to Thailand and have real authentic pad Thai guys! Or ur local Thai town/ Thai restaurant made by Thai aunties 😂🙏🏼🔥

  • None of them did it right... I'm not Thai and I can tell. From all the Pad Thai I have eaten in my life though I think lvl. 2 looks the closest to the actual dish. Lvl. 1 made me cringe a lot... and lvl. 3, please, no sausages in Pad Thai

  • As a thai chef no one pad thai is literally "authentic"

  • มันไม่ใช่ผัดไทยอะ ทั้ง3คนเลย55555 It not a padthai all 3 I think

  • That's not how we make pad thai in Thailand

  • Home cook are the winner of this challenge, she pretty close to original , keep trying guy 😃

  • TOFU - The slice too large, we need short and thin sliced (1cm each, and should be thin like 2-3mm). Choice of Noodle - WE USE Mung Bean Noodle not Rice Noodle Stir Frying - Legit way is fry everything and pour source in to noodle and stir fry till noodle absorbs sauce. IDK What they doing haha.

  • No all 3 levels are not Padthai.

  • Level 1: you call that Pad Thai? Level 2: the most authentic among three Level 3: Pad Thai on creative mode

  • I used to go to Thailand for holidays and those aren’t proper pad Thai

  • garlic in pad thai... it's a no for me

  • Level 4: Telling non thai chefs, "This not Pad Thai." Stop the elitist pretense. Hardly any of yall ever made this dish. Enjoy a bit of creativity in food.

    • Well, their dish are really not pad thai. Especially the lv.1 chef, like who put chicken in pad thai 👁👄👁

  • If yall did a Pad See Ew episode I think ik a level 4 chef you'd love

  • I understand Pad thai is quite hard to cook... ^^;; But you can understand Pad thai recipe by understand what ingredients in Thailand. It use only local ingredients to cook so that why we don’t use sausage and pickle.

  • As a Thai person, this is not the way Thai people cook. XD Thai people just throw everything in and it comes out good. lol

  • As a Thai person, this is so painful to watch

  • You probably already saw a few people saying they're a Thai and they're disapproved of these cooking in one way or another. As for me I would like to say: As a Thai, I approve of these cooking, Food is supposed bring a smile to your face, If you cook something and it tasted good and you're happy with it, who am I to say "You're doing it wrong" or "That's not authentic" I'd love to see more people cook Thai food, and I'd love to see new ideas people could cook up with them.

  • That doesn’t seem like Pad Thai to me at all

  • All that is not pad Thai not even close

  • king REALLY loves fish sauce



  • as a thai people myself, it's really interested me to see how others cooking our food, well mostly thaifood is not fixed ingredients, use what you prefer, as long as the base taste is there, but this one really surpirsed me, well still good job. ps : dont be afraid like you are gonna hurt the food, put your back and muscle into it.

  • As thai.... all of this is not good lol

  • frank is prolly growing his rice .....only logic as to why he didint attend

  • I’ve never saw a chicken pad thai in my life

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  • I am in Thailand, I think Natasha's dish is the best for Padthai , more than King.

  • Me: *scared of going anywhere near a pan of hot oil* Level 3 chef: *LITERALLY PUTS HIS HANDS IN THE PAN OF HOT OIL* WHAT

  • this is not pad thai

  • As a Thai, Pad Thai with chicken is weird 😂

  • as a Thai person, I was like 'yeah...nice until chef adds pickled, wait what pickled!!!!!' 🙄

  • Level 2 chef is vegetarian so why she used eggs?

  • Natasha's pad thai looks great. I never see sausage,red bell pepper in pad thai before.

  • Honestly, I recommend Padthai with prawns or shrimp and peanut. It’s really good together.

  • As a thai person I want to cry

  • I am only eating pad Thai from a Thai person and nothing can change my mind

  • As Thais, just from seeing the color of noodle which is so light and pale, i can tell it's a disaster. may be the pad thai sauce proportion's not done right or may be they put in too little sauce. the key of padthai is its sauce but in this video, there was not much emphasize on this topic. Moreover, to add some random vegs in padthai will make the overall taste so devious.

  • As i'm Thai No.2 is Nearly Same Pad thai What about No.3 ??? = Disastrous xxx

  • ผัดไทเขาไม่ใส่กุนเชียงโว้ยยยยย