4 Levels of Biryani: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 10. mars. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Stephen, home cook Rinku, and professional chef Danielle Alex - to prepare us their favorite biryani recipe. Once each level of chef had presented their creation, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices each made along the way - both good and bad. Which biryani would you choose to eat first?

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4 Levels of Biryani: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • I want to take the traditional route with biryani or something like that. She then uses freekah grain instead of basmati... yea very traditional

  • They really should have the different levels tasting eachothers' food!

  • Every time this woman says beer-ani I physically cringe. Wth is wrong with trying a little harder to learn how to say the damn word!?!

  • The first guy made good pulao but its not biryani, Rinku made the most perfect classic dum biryani but oh my god what even was the level 3 biryani? What was the point of using that rice? It wouldn't give the authentic scent nor would it soak the masala properly and it wouldn't even give the classic biryani look so like damn what was the REASON?

    • But it’s still stupid to use anything other than basmati in a biryani

    • It’s supposed to have a smoky flavor that’s what she says

  • Nai

  • Level 2 chef nailed it and level 3........

  • This was really really painful to see. Potato in biriyani in itself is horrifying for a South indian. The first one was pulao. The third one is a shame, I would even say glorified kichdi/upma. I wouldn't want to eat any of these 'biriyanis'

  • The "Expert" was the worst.. she totally ruined the recipe and she calls it BIruNy and bAsmAaTy..like bruh

  • why wasn't palak here and the level3 chef butchered the dish that's not biryani

  • Omg this is hilariously delishh

  • I don't what this is but its definitely not biryani. I only give a little thump up to Rinku because it the only one who looks closest to a biryani. Makes me want to cry honestly 😢😭

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮 this isn't how biryani is made!!!

  • I'd love to see 4 levels of home fries

  • This is no biryani....in bryani every rice grain should be separated and rice and meat hv multiple layers in utensil during cooking period. True biryani can only be found in sub-continent i.e. in India and Pakistan.

  • i like how she used a spice bag... it's just so so great

  • Oh😅 I love skin of the potatoes tho

  • Now i know Don't order biryani in an foreign high class restaurant 😆

  • Bro.... No... No briyani have veggies, that's just vegetable rice. You are hurting so many briyani lovers feelings 😢

  • Seriously, I am not even Indian and I got offended by the level 3 chef using freekeh, I am Syrian and I love freekeh, but please please please do not ruin biryani 🥲🥲💔💔💔 it’s the best dish on the planet and there are SO MANY different varieties in India but freekeh is not one of them 🙂🙂🙂 u wanna try freekeh, cook it in a Middle Eastern way. DO NOT RUIN BIRYANI 😭😭 and level 1 chef, SERIOUSLY? WHO BOILS THE RICE BEFORE MAKING THE BIRYANI??????? don’t get me wrong he’s epic but please do not cook 🤣❤️ the level 2 chef’s biryani looks absolutely amazing 🤩 but the use of rose water, really?? NOOOOO 💔💔💔

  • 1) I understand that Rinku is a Bengali that's why she made shrimp biryani. 2) Despite being a Indian the recipes she cooks is not traditional at all and seems like a new recipe which is experimental. 3) She made Kebabs once with orange juice and pomegranate. Even now she adds rose water and pomegranates in her raita. 4) I dont know if Bengalis cook this way and so differently because what she cooks is a lot different from traditional recipes of India. 5) Tbh, I wish there was a different level 2 Indian to represent Indian food as her food and cooking is way different and I don't know if I like it, I mean rose water, plum and pomegranates? 6) In a Biryani we expect large chunks of Meat not large chunks of Potatoes as if we are eating a Veg Biryani. 7) But I am surprised that all three of them used Potatoes. Never heard of potatoes or carrots in a Biryani. 8) Rose water? Plums? Also why put whole spices in a bag? 9) It's not really a problem even if you get one clove in your mouth. Many people don't remove the whole spices after cooking and just leave it there. 10) None of the three recipes are traditional way of cooking a Biryani.

  • FYI....non of those are B-ranis!!

  • Never give that level 3 chef to cook an Indian recipe ever again doesn’t matter how experienced she is 🙄😵

  • As a Pakistani I know they just disgrace the Biryani

  • At least you guys should have taken experts to make it


  • Not to be stereotyped but I think we all agree that Palak should be the one as level 3 chef in this video. I don't wanna be rude but as an Indian I feel like the level 3 chef was dumb. They seriously should have got Palak for level 3 I watch all of her videos and never get bored. Like seriously why would a level 3 professional chef ruin the traditional recipe for biryani!? Like who the hell is the level 3 chef to say that biryani is better with some rice that is not basmati!? They really should have put Palak on for this video cuz she is literally the chef who know how to cook Indian food the traditional way.

  • Hello can you please do three levels of chicken pot pie

  • I would prefer lvl 2 than lvl 3, lvl 3 looks more like khichdi... I know it may taste far better but it just looks like khichdi...

  • Palak should have been lvl 3

  • Lvl 1 Biryani is just soggy pulav Lvl 2😋 actual Biryani Lvl 3 idk what just happened

  • It's the way no one pulled out a korma base or Shan biryani masala tells me all I need to know. Props to level 2 thou :) she understood the assignment

  • Who else is watching all their vids during ramadan

  • Me : oh, so he likes the potatoes with the skins on. It does give unique texture. Stephen : I do not like the skins on Me : LMAO dude.

  • I'm quite disappointed that the level 2 chef wasn't highlighted in this video, she seems to be a sweet Asian mom. And for the level 3 chef I think the onion wasn't caramelized, its more likely burned hshshshsh

  • That ain't no biryani

  • I don't know how feasible it is, but y'all should have the three try each other's dishes.

  • The first level cook don't know that he is actually cooking pulao not biryani😂😂😂 only Indian people know that

  • Is... Is he dropping raw tomatoes of top 😭

  • Okay, okay, lvl 2 with dum cooking, there is hope. She's doing alright tbf

  • The vegetables! Unless you're making vegetable biryani, you should not any vegetables! 😭 Potatoes are passable but still ffs

  • I... Am... Disgusted...

  • Rinkus Biriyani should be level 3

  • RIP Briyani recipe

  • Terrible choices in level 3 chef...she can’t even say the word correctly. I was expecting a fine dining chef who was actually indian. I never mind the level one chefs...the only dish I would try is level two

  • this video straight up scarred me for my entire life.... :'(

  • Level 5: anyone in my family


  • I feel angry even though I am italian

  • first of all pakistanis make the best biryani second of all all three look GARBAGE especially the so called “professional chef”. i’d like to have a word with each of these buffoons especially “Danielle”

  • What is Beerani

  • Well she used Kewrda, so that's good.

  • This is blasphemy!

  • Nobody can cook Biryani better than Indians.

  • even though the method of raw biryani isn`t the most favourite among people , rinku`s dish seems to be the best. IDK how that BS is level 3. her lamb was not given enough time to develop a crispy surface, it looks boiled and grey for the most part and she poured her milk saffron mixture straight over the water 😐. It straight up looks like khichdi. Oh now I know how italians feel like 😃.

  • I prefer level 2 but if she use lambs I will give 4 thumbs up!!

  • wtf none of it looked like biryani not even close my dad perfects it everytime

  • Just saying, Bangladesh has a very traditional recipe too. One of the most oldest recipe.

    • Oldest is hyderabad, andhra Pradesh. Considering it was invented there. No offense Bengals know about biryani as much as the level 3 chef but a bit better

  • what did level 3 make

  • I make biryani (Hyderabad style) from Indian recipes and I have NEVER seen a russet potato in any of them. NOT.ONE.HAS.A.POTATO. Might as well make it with BEEF. Sheesh. Oh, biryani without basmati rice isn't biryani, it's a casserole. If anyone manages to read my post, go to a Indian cooking channel sponsored by Shan spice mixes. Because these people and this channel are disappointing and the recipes are dumb. Epicurious really screwed the pooch on this one.

  • a part of me dies everytime level 3 tries to say biryani

  • Oh my god! That is exactly NOT how its supposed to be, level 3

  • Rinku made A Great Biryani With the traditional Indian Styles.. While Danielle tried going for the more western styles and... I don't know what to say.. But as an indian.. I prefer basmati rice

  • Level 3 “Brirani”???

  • Level 3 “Brirani”???

  • What am I watching again? Briyani?

  • Level 1000: ok first I'm going to invent planet Earth

  • The expert biryani was a big fyou😊 please don't change what you don't know about...

  • Uncle roger is engerryy saw rinse cooked rice

  • 1: pulav in the name of biryani 2: closest but added her own ingredients which was nice 3: DISQUALIFIED. It ain no beerani. it's some stew with some grain. Call it what it is.

  • this comment section did not pass the vibe check, this is level 1 to level 3 chef not least authentic to most authentic it’s simply based on their backgrounds in cooking. danielle literally says it’s “her rendition” not once did she claim to be authentic or traditional at all

    • What level 3 made isn’t even biryani! That’s like preparing pizza in a video of how to make burgers. The South Asians are angry and RIGHTFULLY SO! Call a level 3 chef who knows how to make biryani

  • Could not watch after 1:20 .

  • 5:37 Man it's BIRYANI not PULAO!?

  • Here is level 5 for you, nolong.info/show/ds-Ipo6macRuaKc/video.html

  • As a Pakistani, i'd die rather than eating any of these biRYaNi

  • Karachiites are screaming.

  • never thought id get a flying chappal for showing my mom a food video.

  • Level 2 did quite well but the other two levels .............😑😑😫😫

  • Ok, "level 1 chef" should just mean a home cook who isn't especially skillfull and likes to keep things quick and simple. It shouldn't be "a clueless person with zero kitchen skills who cooked this dish once to try it out before he goes on youtube."

  • Every south east asian is currently loading their glocks right now

  • Butchered it🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Im only trusting Rinku for this one. Idc if she is level 2

  • Has everybody asked how level 1 and 2 chefs cooked their rice? Oh God if Uncle Roger would've seen them cooking the rice, first thing he'll ask: DRAIN THE RICE? See? Level 1 chef even admitted that cooking rice would be faster when it's in a rice cooker. But they did drain the cooked rice. That just means there are other ways of cooking rice than just simply cooking it in the rice cooker. Indians cook rice like that as well. I'm not mad. In fact, I'm happy that level 1 and 2 chefs did cook their rice that. It's like a slap in the face that there is no uniform way of cooking the rice. Just my honest comment 😊

    • He can F.O because that’s how we cook our rice for biryani.

  • level 3 chef its not gee it is ghee

  • How to cook Good Biryani: 1. Don't use Shrimp

  • tbh that looks delicious..

  • Stephen is the actual level 1 chef in this series

  • Come to Karachi Pakistan and there you will eat real biryani

  • What a shame🥲you call this Biryani?

  • Uncle sharma : FAILURE! , NALAAYAK !

  • So this american thinks she can cook biryani better than indians and pakistanis.....ughhh

  • Every Indian family has a RINKU. not because she cooks well, because she speaks like a high society aunty with a apple watch. FML

  • Level 1 : Definitely not Biryani!, a very very bad Pulav!. Rice is extremely overcooked like paste, vegetables are not peeled, randomly mixing everything whenever he feels like.. Level 2 : Almost there but rice was horribly cooked, can be rated 0.5/10 Level 3 : WTF is this! dint even used rice! Cant pronounce Biryani!

  • Y’all complaining about how these people cooked but you have to excuse the amateur cook, he’s called an amateur cook for a reason

  • Dude, I’m Arabic and like Frikeh, but whatever you made with them is not biryani. Change and be creative, but don’t name the dish something it simply is not. Traditional dishes often have clear patterns and methods tied to their names. Straying so obviously far from those should also sever the ties to the name. Call it something else.

  • 0:59,1:38 does he work for bbc food

  • one of those episodes where Level 2 ends up being the rightful Level 3


  • Level 3 cook had so much running water at the bottom of her pan in end product ........ She ruined everything at every step. Steven's biryani is better than level 3 cook

  • The real biryani is only the second one 😂😂

  • Level 3 biryani is straight up khichadi w lamb I can't w west butchering south asian foods.