4 Levels of Bloody Mary: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 14. des.. 2020
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Stephen, home cook Julie, and expert bartender Jeff Solomon - to mix us their best Bloody Mary cocktail. Once each level had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which Bloody Mary are you having with brunch?

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4 Levels of Bloody Mary: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • I love the level 1 guy! lol

  • I would never drink this - I just want it over pasta!

  • I'm old school. Putting lots of "crap nouveau" mixtures into a so-called B.M. is as bad as ruining a hamburger with non-traditional stuff. But, that's just me.

  • Penny couldn't make it to this episode because she got hammered from vodka shots before the episode

  • bloody mary is a ghost search it up

  • "I'm using water that has been frozen" (intense death glare)

  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt? Really ma'am??

  • simple just a blowtorch

  • Stephen’s face when he drank it💀

  • I think he’s the only 3 level chef other than frank that has a personality

  • i buy the low sodium because you know... health 🙄

  • Gotta have that spicy V 8

  • That pestoshire sauce looked awesome!

  • ok, how dare Julie serving this slickback!!

  • Uffff

  • Try a bloody Mary with Dr Pepper. Bloody Pepper

  • All of them missed the vital ingredient: A shot of rioja.

  • “And really, all you need is thyme” But he didn’t add any...

  • look like tomyam

  • All these people trying so intensely to be fun and peppy is very annoying...stopping at 3 mins...someone who's actually interested in the food is not getting the process and ingredients...this video is centered around trying to awkwardly fun...n in a forced way...

  • Anyone get an "Eyes of the Dragon" dragon sand feel from Julie handling the scotch bonnet pepper?

  • lvl 3 guy >using all italian ingredients 5mins >french vodka

  • What about an egg yolk???anyone????

  • Love that amateur... making me laugh after a hard day at work.🔥🔥🔥👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😆😆😆

  • “A lot” LMFAO

  • I just watched a man break up with a bloody mary XD

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  • *some people put mayonnaise in there Bloody Mary* _DISGUSTANG_

  • I can't believe none of them is using freshly squized tomato juice.

  • I can't stand julie

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  • Never understood the obsession with this drink.

  • Level 3 chef looks like Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory

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  • "I like to keep things simple. *Use a blowtorch.* " ok i found my favorite person

  • I put pickle juice in my Bloody Mary!

  • I love the art of making drinks but whoever first made a Bloody Mary was a sociopath ngl Not saying they taste bad but looking at it from an ingredients list... this is a horrid mix of ingredients for a stereotypical drink... horseradish, anchovy paste, tomato paste/juice, celery, cracked pepper, and more 💀

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Wait..so y'all don't use blood? Damn I've been doing it all wrong

  • I love the bartender... But... You never shake bloody mary. You don't want to water it down. You stir it.

  • Frank is on his farm growing his own celery and Emily is on the backstage squeezing the McDonald's ketchup sachets into her shot of vodka.

  • Im a level 0 chef 😂😂😂

  • Where is Mamrie Hart?

  • horsheraddish.

  • Julie: "I'm setting the stage..." 😆Lol.

  • NGL bloody Mary are disgusting.

  • Ice Obsessed - GUILTY!! At the very least - rinse them :-}

  • Sorry but the level 2 chef know that the whole point of the shaker is to put air into the drink and melt the ice right? Which "swaying" will take waaaay too long to achieve either one so what's the point? Just do firm shakes like level 3 did gets the job done with not much energy

  • i really like julie!

  • It's 8 in the morning and I'm watching this......why am I like this?haha! Great recipes!thank you!

  • Emily got a glowup

  • Steven is honestly everything

  • Jeff's bloody mary looks the least gross out of the three but I'm still not a fan of the drink.

  • They should now make a michelada episode !

  • I did not know there is science in bloody Mary

  • so, apparently, there is a difference between 𝓘 𝓒 𝓔 and 𝓕 𝓡 𝓞 𝓩 𝓔 𝓝 𝓦 𝓐 𝓣 𝓔 𝓡 ????

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  • I can smell the rosemary!!!

  • 17:23 best part of the episode

  • So in short a bloody Mary is an alcoholic soup?I see🤯

  • I think after Emily, Lorenzo and Frank, this is the best trio we've seen

  • I love Jeff man, he's too cool for BuzzFeed

  • I am horrified at the stuff that they put in their glasses

  • I’m in love with this woman. She is enjoying life!

  • 8:00 I’m a what?

  • In Wisconsin a lot of Bars make a hole roasted chicken and put it atop a gallon of Bloody Mary mix it is crazy

  • Mr. Solomon really is a force to be reckoned with, in both bartending finesse as well as entertainment. Which is part of being a bartender. So technically, I could’ve just said “bartending”, however-... I like him a lot is what I want to say. I also like how he says "muddled".

  • I cant stop laughing, i love Jeff. BRING HIM BACK!

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  • When this man said he was going to temper the ice for 45 mins I thought it was a cute joke like the nobel cocktail prize! How fun! But no he was serious.

  • Bring this expert back! He's a hoot

  • Pink Himalayan sea salt? LOL we wouldn't be here if the sea was up to the Himalayas

  • Have them try each other's!

  • This epidode has a very weird enery and i love it

  • I ❤ you Julie!!

  • Ain’t no Caesar

  • Level 1 & 3 ..... snore I love Level 2 🤗

  • Please do more drink episodes. I'm not a fan of this drink but I would try Jeff's version.

  • ngl its straight up cold tomato soup with alcohol

  • Theres no cheesecake in a bloody mary stephen

  • I love Julie so much. She's the kinda gal that drinks straight vodka at a French cafe.

  • 13:51 Yo, Stephen smiling and giving the thumbs down while having downed half the glass has been my mood since late-2020.

  • I feel like the Level 3 bartender moved out to LA to pursue acting. But took a job as a bartender and never looked back.

  • "I like to keep it simple, just a blowtorch" = my kind of guy

  • Bloody mary's are hella gross! 🤢🤮

  • Professional ice? How much we paying for that?

  • Do gazpacho

  • The bartender is amazing... His drink looks tempting

  • Steven! i think the drops were 18-20 idk

  • Bruh... “I’d like a Bloody Mary” “Ok, that will be about 4 hours from now, we have to infuse the vodka and make the mix”

  • If the bartender is a British guy, he would be the perfect Mr.Darcy.

  • I wonder how Frank would make his own bloody mary

  • Entertaining video .

  • so bloody mary is basically spicy tomato soup with alcohol on a glass...

  • This is the funniest episode ever

  • HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE. 1:35 Imma need the professional chef to wear some gloves. I’m cringing

  • I need an adult - 2021

  • Level 2 chef is my spirit animal and I love her

  • The food scientist is that nerdy girl in school who always has to correct everyone. She ruined the vibes.