4 Levels of Kebabs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 3. des.. 2020
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Emily, home cook Rinku, and executive chef Ayesha Nurdjaja of Shuka Restaurant in New York City - to skewer us a batch of their favorite kebabs. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which kebabs are you sticking around for?

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4 Levels of Kebabs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • This “expert chef” makes me cringe! 1) what part of the lamb is that ground meat from??? 2) kofte has MANY forms, none of which is called “kebab” 3) you’re gonna start with the “baharat spice”, really?? Baharat means spice already, you smarty pants! 4) that ground meat is sssooo finely ground, it’ll barely taste like meat! You might as well make kibbeh nayyeh. 5) olive oil in your hands??? Just dip in cold water!! 6) you don’t need to skewer that, just put the damn food in the oven... wait, what?? Kofte in oven??? Are you going for rubber???

  • lmao that's adana kebab and cacık

  • Rinku: Uses half a bottle of saffron in her marinade Me: Still using one sprig at a time from the bottle I bought 3 years ago

  • Finally we got some shashik

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  • Lvl 3 is that fat bcs of oil...mann tooo much oilll and lemonss

  • The only kebabs i'd eat would be Emily's, considering I hate lamb and salmon.

  • Level 1 chef doesn't know what she's doing

  • Why is the level 2 chef every Indian aunty In a English TV show 😂😂😂😂 I'm Indian and kinda feel embarrassed 😂😂😂

  • Why do professional chefs use so much dang salt. I had a heart attack just watching

  • Level 3 Chef: " I love using the micro plainer for garlic because it insures not to get those really big chunks of garlic in your kebobs" Me: I watched as a big hunk of garlic falls out of her hand off the micro plainer into the bowl! Lmao 🤣😂🤣

  • What was the point of making a kebab if you were just gonna use a fork to eat it anyway?!

  • Mrs Doubtfire? 🤔

  • guys i think she meant palestine

  • Baharat means spice so baharat spice is spice spice in Turkish ahhahaha

  • What the hell is israel

  • Lol my name is Ayesha

  • But wow the salt control of chef level 3. I could never! I always oversalt!!!

  • Wow she’s NOT level 2 ✋

  • When someone says kebab but forget to mention Turks ...

  • seafood kebab. Now that's impressive.

  • They all look good but the salmon kebabs look amazing

  • Dont trust thin chef like they say in Finland

  • Level 2 chef has same name as my mother😂

  • Would be great if they got actual Middle Eastern people

  • Why put it in a skewer when you are eating with a spoon.

  • not the level 3 chef calling kebabs Israeli wallahi i will kms

  • The amateur chef girl honestly makes some of the awfully easy dishes like I know deep inside my heart that that kebab got no taste who makes a kebab with that sauce like whyyyyyyy 😂😂😂 I've seen her in many videos and I cannot accept the fact that she tries to make things easy but I feel bad for her since she isn't tasting the best of the food. My daily Indian food has much more flavour and I know it.

  • Ooh Boy... this Aunty gives me that gay feeling... her body language looks like he had sx change & now it's Aunty.... 😂😂😂

  • No offense but the only real traditional kebab there was the lvl 3 chefs kebab

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Me when I found Emily as the level one chef in a kebab episode:😮😲😲😲

  • Level 3 Chef: Talks about microplane as a deterrent to having big chunk of garlics in the kebab. Big Chunk of Garlic: NOW NOW NOW !! JUMP NOW!

  • An indian speaking posh English accent and cooking a middle eastern dish. Cultural diversity at its best

  • Ooh my I stopped watching it.. the indian’s voice was so annoying.

  • I love Emily

  • Where can you find the written out recipe?

  • Wow Emily is upgrading:D

  • chef level 3 is destroying kabeb as she got he recipes from that thing called Israel who destroyed everything and stole culture and even food Cuisine 🤢🤢 when you are a true country you will see your culture goes all over everything you do like level 2 chef she didn’t stole anyone culture or food ❤️❤️

  • Just wait till I send this to my Nani. She’s gonna be PISSED

  • Legends has it that Ayesha is still adding Olive Oil Salt and Lemon to the dish

  • Level 2 chef is damn adorable

  • am i the only person who thinks the level 1 chefs look the best

  • She's new.. No e I always prefer a fat shef.. (As my self..) Can appreciate good food... I don't trust skinny shef's By instinct I sometimes like the new cooks and sometimes I do not... And with start with delicious kebabs...

  • I really want to tell chef Ayesha that I APPRECIATE her cookery skills more than anything. Never have I ever experienced such admiration to a cook before. She's perfect in every way. As a Syrian, I approved her Shawarma recipe, and I now approve her Kebabs. She knows what she's doing with them spices, she's got the character, and she's definitely highly educated herself through travels and all. I wholeheartedly appreciate you, chef Ayesha. You're doing it just the way it should be.

  • Talk about quality content. Idk if anyone would ever read my comment, but you guys are definitely providing such great content. As a homecook myself, I've always struggled to get creative ideas when thinking of a dish, whilst this series has elevated my views on food, and on how culturally various food can be.

  • I m Indian but rinku is kinda annoying tho

  • Ayesha is making what looks like Aleppo Kabab

  • 1:47

  • What's the point of the skewers in level 3? You shaped them into "footballs", roll them on a grill with a spoon, and then eat them with a fork.

  • “tzatziki” girl where was the cucumber im crying

  • Proof that olive oil is healthy. The lvl 3 chef uses olive oil on her meat, sauce and when plating. Literally

  • I need lvl 2 to blink when staring at the camera. I feel like I’m being judged to make this correctly 😂

  • Every one of these people is so likable, I'm not allergic to a single ingredient, and I want to try all 3. They're always interesting to watch, but this one is particularly good.

  • Loving the new faces

  • Who else had to stop watching because of that ladys monotone voice.

  • Voice of 2nd level chef😂😂😂😂

  • OMG! If indian accent is not the most soothing online caress in the world, I don't know what is

  • Other chefs cook, Emily mixes things together. Everything is a seasoning for another thing, or an ingredient for the end meal. Her whole meals come out of boxes and bottles.

  • The way level 3 chef give the Kebabs a drizzle of olive oil every 2 minutes causes anxiety to me

  • As a persian this video mentally bothers me.

  • Emily is like level zero chef. Sharif is level 1.

  • Most easy and good one is second one

  • Chef Ayesha is BOSS!!!!!!

  • Level 1 and level 2 is something we call SHASHLIK. Level 3 is Kebab. :) Like if you agree.

  • 2:08 Don't you raise your voice to me ma'am!

  • The 2 level chef is literally the blackest karen I have ever seem

  • Level 3 and level 2 chef should learn from level 1 about kebabs xD

  • what are you doing here😂😂😂....she literally sound like my english teacher😂😂

  • sadly none of them was actually kebab......

  • That Indian woman is Bengali. The moment I saw 👀 fish I understood she was from West Bengal. But the strange thing is that she is not cooking Hilsa fish 🐟. Bengali people are crazy for Hilsa, Cutla and Rohu fish 🐠.

  • is the pro chef from the Ghetto ? I think so

  • Shata is perfect for kebabs, very nice Lv3 chef👌

  • 2:07 imagine if she said "i am jeff"

  • 2:07 indian aunty trying to speak over the blender is the funniest thing today

  • Level 3: "for this recipe youre looking for a very pulverized spice mix" Emily: "im just gonna put this jalapenos in here "

  • So basically lamb and a bottle of olive oil haha I LOVE IT

  • Love how she shouted over blender rather than turn the blender off hahahahah

  • I never know whether the Indian lady is being sarcastic or not. She’s always giving a little smirk when looking at the camera

  • Having grown up on middle eastern food all my life. I can say that I've never heard of a "kebab", kabob on the other hand is delicious

  • Level 2 is so much like a neighbour aunty speaking Extremely slowwwwwwwww--weww

  • middle one looks amazing


  • man watching this just hurt my soul

  • Level 2 chef made my entire day 💞💞💞💞💞

  • Lmfao at 3:02 where she's talking about avoiding big chunks by using the microplane and drops a big chunk in bc she's looking at the camera

  • for once in a life time the lvl 2 chef is the emotionless one

  • Kebabı ne hale getirmişler

  • This is so funny! 4:31 "She's gone mad"

  • This is completly diffrent from the kebab i know.

  • Level 2 sounds like a witch

  • rinku is such an elegant cook

  • kids should do this challenge

  • Bahara spice formerly known as spice spice

  • I would probably go with lvl 1 or 3 simply because om not a fan of saffron.

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  • “Any level of doneness is technically correct” ahhhh I love Emily

  • This is literally me, my mom and my grandma

  • who tf makes kebab from fish lol.