4 Levels of Spring Rolls: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 30. des.. 2020
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur John, home cook Natasha, and professional chef instructor King Phojanakong from The Institute of Culinary Education - to fry us a batch of tasty spring rolls. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which level of spring rolls would you reach for first?

Check out the level 3 recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/lumpia-recipe

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4 Levels of Spring Rolls: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • natasha is soooo adorable!

  • Natasha is SO cute!!!!!!

  • The Level 2 always looks and acts like there is absolute zero fun in her.

  • Welp, now I gotta go get egg roles🙄

  • It's a good idea to pop your live invertebrates in the freezer for a few to put them in a sort of daze before you kill them.

  • My grandmas spring rolls are far beyond ur wildest dreams

  • vegetarian people be like: 👁👄👁

  • Real Filipino glue is *WATER*

  • So are we not gonna talk about how king LITERALLY killed those crabs and the lobster on set? No?

  • as a vietnamese I must say sauce without fish sauce is a big no-no haiyaaa

  • 0:38 - 0:42 *angry that vegan teacher noises*

  • Level 1: I will make it vegetarian Level 2: I will fill the void left from the meat with tofu and such Level 3: I have prepared 5 kinds of animal meat for 2 spring rolls

  • wtf am i watching. None of these are actual spring rolls. Spring rolls arent fried.

  • That level ones knife skills and the use of that plastic spatula on the pan gave me anxiety

  • MY CABBAGESSSS omg yes I love that she brought the Cabbage Man up from ATLA

  • should be named "Fried Spring Rolls"

    • these are practically egg rolls.

  • Ben:killing animals PETA:hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I LOVE JOHN! we need more John.

  • King's roll looked so big I thought he was making a burrito when he was wrapping them

  • Okay so I’ve noticed you have included more diversity but have taken away the audiences favorites... just say you’re Bon Appetit and move on. Crazy.

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • I use the same wrapper that the girl uses. That's only wrapper I've ever used. Question: The wrapper the first guy use aren't supposed to be fried right?

  • So what’s the difference with egg rolls and spring rolls

  • John is my favorite

  • King mentioning lumpia made me like this 😮🤭 Lumpia can't be ignored in any occasion. It's impossible to not eat all of it.

  • I'm Vietnamese and I'm offended...

  • I’ve never seen someone fry spring rolls this is new for me and it looks amazing

  • The level 2 chef is savage! “I do not love them all equally” 😂

  • level 1000000x: Food vendor aunties in Vietnam

  • Traditional Filipino lumpia do not have lobster in it. We only use pork, sometimes shrimp, carrots, mung bean sprouts, cabbage, onion, all sauteed in a pan. We love vinegar on everything, but in some parts of the country, peanut sauce is also used as a sauce. I bet King's dish tasted really good tho

  • i noticed if you use rice paper for the wrapper putting a bit of corn startch on it (a dusting) then it is less bubbly

  • Level 1. Not much flavor. It slightly bland and taste come from soy sauce. Level 2. More flavor. Uses mushroom extract and vegetarian meat. Earthy flavor with spicy (sweet sour) sauce. Level 3. Sweet lovely taste (well nothing beats lobster and crab meat ) accompanied by sweet sour sauce.

  • My mom: **stuffs it with mashed potatoes and oven fries**

  • Vegetarian/Vegan = Asian mom’s disappointment.

  • I was amateur like John when I first cooked spring rolls but my filing was perfect just I used the wrong rice paper. Natasha one look so yummy!

  • Once Chef 3 killed the seafood 🦞 he was king

  • I bet the girl smells really good

  • When they taste it: OMG! WOW that is delicious.

  • That mango chili sauce 😮😮😋

  • Level2 is the best and the one I (Thai) have ever eaten lol

  • John got promoted to a home cook! Congrats 🎇👏❤️❤️

  • Do people love King for his skills or personality? Coz most of his end products looks like dog's breakfast. Remember the dumpings? and now this

  • Having a favorite roll is such a mood

  • Level 1: Hi I’m a level one chef! Level 2: hi I’m a a level 2 chef. Level 3: Hi I’m a level 3 chef and I once battled a dragon to save my friends life and I have graduated from cooking school 12 times and once I slayed a lion

  • I like level 2 simple

  • i cant believe john fried his.. lol those wraps are not meant for frying. LOL

  • King: I'm going to make lumpia. Every Filipino in fiestas and birthday parties: Waiting for it 🍽️

  • I love these rolls. I think the mango sauce would be delicious.

  • Indonesian also called "LUMPIA" usually with Bamboo Shoots, Vegetables, Prawn or Meat

  • Fun fact: The level one is actually the only one who made a spring roll. The rest made lumpia’s and egg rolls! Edit - Nevermind.. he fried it and ended up making a rice paper egg roll instead.

  • Why would you fry Vietnamese spring roles? Bruh...

  • Level 2 chef : 0:33 Meanwhile king: 0:39

  • Me a french, visibly confused by the frying process of spring roll. Then realise "oh ! You mean Nem. Okay" Spring rolls are Nem And the litteral translation of spring rolls is "rouleaux de printemps" in french, wich is what you call summer rolls... confusing stuff

  • Ugh, vegetarians, literally the worst.

  • Vietnamese people gona hate this alot

  • I am proud to be a Filipino

  • Level 1 full vegetarian Level 2 makes it vegetarian level 3 fully not vegetarian

  • Aren't these egg rolls

  • damn i wanted the thai guy to call spring rolls in the thai name 😩

  • Lumpiang sariwa, lumpia and lumpiang espesyal. The first lumpia is good to go without frying or at least our version we wouldn't be frying it if it contains veggie.

  • i miss Emily

  • Idk but imo these aren’t really spring rolls lol. The level 1 chef was the most accurate since spring rolls are traditionally made with rice paper. The level 2 and 3 chefs used a wrap used for egg rolls. Spring rolls aren’t usually fried as well, egg rolls are. I was so confused when they started to fry their “spring rolls” lol. If you go to an Asian restaurant and order spring rolls expecting what they cooked, you’re gonna be disappointed but it’ll taste so much better, these are trash dishes imo lol

  • As a level 0 chef, I'm ordering spring rolls from the local chinese restaurant. Tastes good and a lot less hassle! :D

  • Well Done!

  • She can cook and she watches avatar man be my best friend

  • Damnit, I want his Lumpia now!

  • The way the level 1 guy holds the knife makes me sick

  • Love how King says “kill it in a humane manner” and then proceeds to talk about busting the head open with a knife to shut off the Central nervous system 💀

  • Why is this springrolls. I'm upset

  • I HATE that you didn't show the killing of the animals. Typical yuppies don't want to see the animal die but they'll eat it.

  • You should try lumpia in Semarang - Indonesia, so crunchy and delicious

  • When the level 2 chef said "assemble" I immediately thought of Avengers Don't come at meeeeeeee

  • Why is that crab making bubbles???

  • want to see king and lorenzo collaboration

  • I want to try Kings spring rolls. End of story.

  • Had me at pork, beef, shrimp then there's lobster and crab... I tots cried! That must've taste really really gooood. Ugh! 🙄🥴🤤

  • It’s nice to see a fellow Filipino on the show I also call it lumpia

  • Spring rolls aren’t fried.

  • Stop having John on the show! He is a pain to watch

  • I close these videos as soon as someone says, "you have to kill them first!!!"

  • Level 2 chef got that Aubrey Plaza energy

  • Lorenzo and King are Filipino

  • Spring rolls def needs meat. Lumpiaaaaa warriors!!!

  • 9:24

  • I feel bad for the lobster and the crabs

  • If he killed the animal “humanely” as he mentioned, why did you cut off?

  • I imagine the rolls weren't that delicious but the camera is rolling so u have to pretend 😂 i would nail it, I have had enough practice tasting failures and not wanting to disappoint the cook.

  • Even the back ground music is referring to the absurd contrast between their ingredients: Vegetables vs the animal kingdom.

  • the skin of the first one looks like an old person's hair lol

  • King was the saving grace of this video. The rest could be cut entirely and greatly improve the channel as a whole.

  • I love Natasha ✨


  • King seems like the greatest person ever

  • Why did you put two vegetarians/vegans on here in place of actual people? "Beyond Beef™" has been designated a carcinogenic by both the WHO and UN FAO. Suggesting people should use it in this video opens Condé Nast and parent company Advanced Publications to future law suit when viewers get cancer from using the product. How did legal approve this video? King from ICE though. 👌👌 More animal death on set before turning it into food please. That was excellent, well done

  • Damn, I think level 2 chef did better than the pro there

    • @No Name lol yes Crispier, neater. I’d chose them even though they’re veggie

    • lolno

  • This episode is 2 vegetarian and a guy that always atleast 3 different kinds of meat on 1 dish

  • I've been buying spring rolls for every three-four days now since 2021 started . It takes me 2 or 3 days to finish them.

  • When do level 1 chefs graduate to level 2??

  • lol I'm phillipino and lumpia is the best! There are different type and if I could I would eat them all the times not only are their good, their fun to make!

  • Uhhh the vietnamese rice paper is actually for fresh spring rolls and not for deep frying