$162 vs $15 Chicken Wings: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Publisert 17. mars. 2021
Professional chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Lorenzo are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We set Lorenzo up with an eye-popping $162 worth of ingredients from chef Frank’s kitchen along with his mouthwatering chicken wings recipe. To lend a helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in to offer some of her trademark wisdom and encouragement. Over with Frank, a much more reasonable $15 worth of ingredients were being given new life and a few augmentations in a quest to elevate regular wings to the sublime. Grab a stack of wet naps and tune in to find out who came out on top under these mixed up circumstances!

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$162 vs $15 Chicken Wings: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


  • 19:47😏

  • always gotta have a fucken annoying guy to ruin the video. I just wanted to see some chicken wings being cooked.

  • I love Frank💜

  • Lorenzo and Karl are the same people.

  • Frank is the Gordon Ramsey of this channels

  • Pork butt?

  • I want the recipe for those pork ginger cabbage stuffed wings now.

  • Love them both so!

  • I like the combo of their completely different personalities

  • Frank: *makes a professional meal out of 15 dollar ingredients* Me: *struggles to cook a piece of chicken*

  • Where did my comment go?

  • Lorenzo is what we all need in our lives right now.

  • This challenge has happened so many times, Frank isnt even surprised and bothered anymore

  • If you're deboning and stuffing them, they aren't chicken wings. Sometimes you can over think food.

  • Watching this during fasting is saddening🥺🥺

  • nah im not fw wit a stuffed chicken wing 💀

  • 17:53 frank i swear lmao

  • Open a go fund me to get lorenzo to go chef school

  • basically the best duo xD

  • I completely relate to Lorenzo!

  • Damn for 15 bucks I might as well go to a place and get some fries with the wings

  • Lorenzo and Frank are back, the dream team.

  • Oh he's filipino me too

  • Is it just me or videos with Frank and Lorenzo get more views than the other cooks

  • These guys give me DeNiro and Pesci vibes

  • Hilarious 😆😁

  • This was sooo much cringe to watch ‘Cause he was just soo confused and just screaming

  • Why so serious? 11:24

  • Lorenzo is just a typical filipino father.

  • You already know leronzo is a vibe at the family BBQ

  • Ayo what does chicken wings taste like,coming from a filipino dude

  • Try doing with barbers

  • Kaya mo yan! Lorenzo! 😁

  • I don’t know why all chiefs are bald 👩‍🦲

  • Love cooking I hope to get a cooking video for my Chanel

  • I’m annoyed that Lorenzo followed the recipe how frank wrote it, and frank did whatever the duck he wanted.

  • I didn't know you could stuff chicken wings

  • Lorenzo is a pyscho path

  • Frank: lets remake the kitchen first Lorenzo: 🤣😂😅😁

  • I just wanted to watch the professional chef


  • I'd have loved if Lorenzo went off in Tagalog. 😅😅 Interesting dude for sure. Haha

  • Whyyy would you throw the tips for stoccck?!! Thats the best part especially once its crispy (along with the fringe of the wing flaps)!

  • That dude face is sweating botox

  • 19:22 when my dad he is an alcoholic

  • Lorenzo laugh is so forced bru,

  • i really love lorenzo, anyone agree

  • Frank’s wings look better

  • Ok but It’s not fair to use Frank’s hot sauce because it wasn’t in the ingredients. We can all acknowledge that, right. That’s totally unfair.

  • I like this series because It always comes down to technique. Namely: Lorenzo freaking out because he has no idea where to start and asking everyone else how to debone things, and Frank taking normal ingredients and doing weird things with them 😂



  • the beginning is sus like red among us imposter


  • this is insane im drooling

  • It would taste sooo good with beeeeer. 😂

  • Bruh my jaw dropped when he said pork butt because i imagined a pig just twerking

  • this home chef i freaking love

  • This feels like a medieval royals food. Meet stuffed with meet

  • .

  • Iconic duo

  • Adobohin mo nlng yan boss hahaha.

  • Thats how Trump felt with whole President thingi

  • that Lorenzo laugh is contagious XD

  • 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • Big Show after WWE

  • Bone out the pork butt, yummy😆

  • Lorenzo at this point is turning into a pro chef

  • Name a more iconic duo I'll wait.

  • Lorenzo laugh is so contagious 😂

  • Lorenzo was about to speak Tagalog, this is also me when I panic. I speak another language called Profanitysz.

  • It will kill?

  • As a German I can confidently say that this is no beer

  • Look at that, it’s beautiful, and so are the wings Hmmmm frank. I see you are indirectly complimenting yourself here 😂

  • Sh-ROOMS

  • The beer at the end was legendary

  • So he did everything with those $162 wings besides season them...anyone else noticed that?

  • Lorenzo: so we will be eating tomorrow Him literally ten seconds later: wow this is pretty easy I think I’m getting the hang of this Me watching: but I thought it was hard

  • energetic kid's father vs that one kid's father that everyone respect

  • The Duo Is back

  • Cilancho 😂

  • Look salt pepper fry em then dip in the hot sauce thats all

  • Idk why i am watching this while i am fasting because it's making me bare hungry!

  • My favoritr duo💗

  • 15:13

  • Am I the only one who finds that Lorenzo's chicken looks much more delicious than Frank's...

  • 4:08 this is the face I make in my maths class...😂😂

  • Frank is legendary

  • like

  • *fudge goals* *jesus christ* WE WILL BE EATING NEXT WEEK

  • 다시다가 거기서 왜나와...?

  • Lmao frank said : “Of course FrAnKs hOt sAuCe” made me giggle

  • why is this comment pined?

  • We all know that without lorenzo in the video. This wont go viral lol

  • Again, when did this become “add my more fancy stuff to the kit/ingredients in given?” Most foul! Fowl!

  • "boneless stuffed chicken WINGS". Oh man, Frank is going HARD on those recipes...

  • As a straight man i must say, lorenzos laugh... Makes my day 😂

  • i just knew lorenzo was filipino once i heard adobo seasoning

  • lorenzo kinda reminds me of james raiz and cheech marin put together

  • Appetizing !