How To Frost Every Cake | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Publisert 28. jan.. 2021
Break out your stand mixers and piping bags because cake frosting class is in session! Join professional baker Bill Clark for an entertaining and instructional look at how to create every eye-catching confectionary decoration seen at your local bakery. From crafting beautiful buttercream ripples to spelling out a cheerful “Happy Birthday,” Bill Clark breaks down everything there is to know about getting that professional look from your home kitchen.


00:00 Introduction
00:46 Cake Tools
01:34 Frosting - Cream Cheese
03:20 Frosting - American Buttercream
05:11 Frosting - Swiss Meringue
07:23 Technique - Petals
08:43 Technique - Horizontal With Spiral
09:48 Technique - Vertical
10:48 Technique - Diagonal Texture
11:40 Technique - Swooshes & Peaks
14:01 Technique - Waves
14:54 Technique - Zigzag
15:57 Technique - Smooth Finish
19:41 Technique - Cake Comb
21:08 Piping Technique
22:57 Piping - Writing On A Cake
25:00 Piping A Round-Tipped Dot Border
25:50 Piping A Star-Tipped Shell Border
26:44 Piping A Round-Tipped Cupcake
27:33 Piping A Large Star Cupcake
28:05 Piping A Small Star Cupcake
28:38 Petal Tip & Ribbon Tip Piping

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How To Frost Every Cake | Method Mastery | Epicurious


  • Im not mature enough to hear "just the tip" as many times as i did. Every time i heard it my inner michael scott aggressively bit my lip.

  • i’m sorry but it looks like he just got done crying and is being asked to frost some cakes

  • He looks and sounds like someone who's so done with life and cakes 😂

  • Who adds cocoa to a cream cheese frosting because I have never seen anyone do that

  • Us: Buttercream. Bill: ButterKREEM

  • what you guys run out of gloves of something? as someone who grew up in the cooking/baking world i would have gotten decapatated if i was touching food with out gloves. and there so many other cring worthy things in this video remind me never to go to ware bill works

  • I want to see 'How to bake every cake'! Though, I feel like that would be a lot of cake...

  • I don't even bake. I'm just hungry.

  • idk y but i find this video very relaxing n informational tq!

  • that's a lotta cakes

  • I love how he explains that it’s okay to make mistakes and how to fix it huhu best 💖

  • Ah yes, learn how to frost beautifully so to hide and distract from the pickles and onions hidden within

  • Adorabeardybakerman. That was sweet. (Dad joke) I love how he unabashedly claims his "grandma-ness". I got that with the pink and butter coloured icings. Classic.

  • Wow! I can do the swooshes and peak!

  • He just seems so over it🤣🤣alll the time

  • listen bill all of your cakes look delicious someone tell him I said that

  • he looks and sounds like Jackson from Gilmore Girls

  • Oh yeah? It's your birthday? Name every style of cake

  • why did i choose to watch this... Im so hungry..

  • When your voice doesn't fit your face

  • That is A LOT OF SUGAR. One cup is more than enough to sweeten any buttercream. Even half a cup is still sickeningly sweet. 🤮🤮

  • Why American butter cream. French butter cream forever

  • How does the turn table?

  • does any one know what they do with all of these foods when their done-? like do they say them all or put them in the fridge or-

  • The little trumpet sound is always the best thing in these videos

  • Great informative video, but what is it with Americans and adding heaps of salt to everything?

  • "How to frost every cake" Don't Use fondant or feel my wrath

  • But you didn’t do it MY WAY. Where I.... don’t..... frost the cake.... because I can’t make frosting.......

  • I bake cakes for myself. I don't really need to make it pretty. At the end of the day, it's gonna come out doo doo brown

  • Why do I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not Billy Eichner telling me how to bake

  • love this guy!

  • This guy look like he passionately hate baking and was forced to be in the industry because of family pressure. 😂

  • ermine flower frosting is my favorite

  • everytime u take the spatula to scrape off extra frosting my mind tell me to bite it

  • Well well well how the turn tables

  • I searched for a 5 minute idea before I go to sleep at 3am... But still no regrets

    • Wow I just watched the whole thing and now it’s 4:12am lol 😂

  • The swooshes and peaks technique is a good way of trying to make the cake look rough or even a little bit course, to me it actually looks like a low key version of Wood-log cakes, you know the ones that are intentionally rough for the wanted wood-like texture and it's also a good way to practice on how you would control the specific style of your cake. (and a good way to practice on the way you would control your spatula either offset or the smaller one)

  • Alternative title "how to frost every round cake"

  • why would you put salt in cake frosting

  • i like bears:-*

  • "In order to frost a cake you have to make frosting," wow, he is a genius.

  • me who hates doing everything baking related: interesting

  • the tiny triumph trumpet deserves their own show

  • I hope the crew got to eat all the cakes.

  • More Bill!

  • Just the tip.... of my offset spatula... I have been warped by the warped minds around me lol

  • That petal icing is so ugly lol

  • I need someone to talk about me the way this man talks about frosting 😫😫😫

  • Yummy oh they cake looks good☺😊

  • Yas! Now I can help on the family business!

  • i hate buttercream and cakes and still i watched a 30minute video about frosting

  • 2:15 Takes a long time. -Mom: BRING ME THE WISK YOUR AUN WILL BE HERE IN 5 MINUTES

  • “I have a LARGE ROUND tip” me :👁👄👁

  • That’s not how you do a shell border. I hate all his piping techniques in fact.

  • I'd rather have no frosting, thank you. It tastes disgusting.

  • Why does my American buttercream taste too much like butter

  • The zigzag look like waves

  • Professional baker : Make It Look Delicious Kings bakery in the Philippines: Put Cheese On It

  • Sorry but this vid was kinda crappy. None of the cool stuff. I was hoping it would get to flowers and stuff but after 30 mins am disappointed. Should be called ‘how to drag a line through frosting’

  • this guy looks like someone made him film this in the middle of a mental breakdown

  • I really thought it was Gerard Butler 😅

  • Is that Craig from parks and rec?

  • I'm so basic, I just make box cake mixes and cook in a 9 x 13 pan and put it in the fridge then frost it the next day (yep, from a container). I have never attempted to make LAYERS, lol

  • Bill telling me that it's no problem to make mistakes, that I can just do it again and that these techniques are super easy and that everyone can do them... he's the Bob Ross of baking, isn't he?

  • ..he sounds like shane dawson

  • Loved this!

  • He reminds me of Billy Eichner but a lot calmer

  • I've heard I'm also on the larger side when I pipe

  • Good thing I don't know how to bake cakes. I would be morbidly obese if I did.

  • Loved this video! So informative! Thank you 💛😊

  • A solid meh for me on this video

  • He looks like he has a toddler, a newborn and a pregnant wife at home and is behind on like 50 cake orders.

  • An artist AND a scolar! Bakery isnt the mine :(.

  • 5:50 I really hope that’s 140°F and not 140°C

  • thats a hell lot of sugar

  • 13:18 i...i just want to bite it

  • If you're asking what is a part the do this equation for the ingredient that is dominate in the recipe: Measurement/# of Parts and multiply that number to find the rest. I learned this in culinary education.

  • What we learned today? food can also be art.

  • Easy, take frosting and spoon and spread it everywhere

    • Yup, everywhere. Just not on the cake. xD

  • Me with my square and rectangle cakes: mmm. interesting.

  • In 2029 *how to detonate every bomb*

  • Is that 140 Fahrenheit or Celsius?

  • As a baker that is horrible at cake decoration all I have to say is... Thank god for cake technicians

  • с каких пор масляный крем стал американским масляным кремом

  • Why is he red

  • Needs a part 2 now

  • This video is really satisfying..

  • Such simple designs. I hope I can use these soon. Thanks so much for the great ideas. God bless you.

  • Why said I even know how to bake?

  • Hey you! Yes, you. Get some sleep

  • This men looks so done with he alright?

  • how much u wanna bet those cakes are made of cement

  • Lesson learned: never watch epicurious vids and scrolling down the comments section while eating.

  • Why you dont add the sugar in small amounts while the ka is running? This sounds like a rhetorical or sarcastic question but it's not. I'm genuinely curious

  • How to SUSHI!

  • I love how chill this guy is

  • Wait. WAIT. SALT? In my frosting?! This feels like a trick.

    • its salt... youre supposed to add it to everything...... DO YOU NOT PUT SALT IN YOUR FOOD?

    • Wdym lol salt goes in many desserts it doesn’t make it salty it cuts the sweetness and balances the flavor

  • His coworkers after this video with all the cake: 👁👅👁

  • I shouldn't laugh but I got a diabetes ad while watching this

  • This video abruptly sent me back to my cake boss phase