4 Levels of Chowder: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 15. jan.. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Shariff, home cook Julie, and professional chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education - to serve us their best bowl of chowder. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which level of chowder are you warming up with?

Check out Chef Frank's Crab Chowder Recipe on the ICE Blog: www.ice.edu/blog/frank-proto-crab-chowder-recipe

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4 Levels of Chowder: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • You take the moon, and you take the sun

  • 6:01 I actually would have thought that Frank would have used butchers twine for the herbs

  • Frank been in the Fight Club

  • Blow my freaking mind, Frank!!!

  • Level 3 looks fantastic 🤤

  • @9:00 RAYSISS!! 🤣

  • I can’t stand *corn in soup let alone chowder. Definitely hate red, Manhattan, chowder but Enjoying their joy.* He said peel corn and meant it 😆😆🥰

  • The thing that's keeps Shariff from being a level 2 Is his chopping skills. But he knows his way around the kitchen.

  • "Frank what's wrong honey, you haven't even made anything from scratch" Frank: @11:40 ahhh there he is!!!!!

  • I love julie!

  • Frank always reminds me of Ice bear from We Bare Bears.

  • These are the best chefs from each level (Entertainment wise), which makes this one of my favorite episodes. And I don’t even like chowder lol

  • Not me skipping when it’s not frank 🤡

  • What in the American is this crackers with soup business? I have never heard of this before, why would you put crackers with soup? Don't they get soggy?!

  • 11:41 ❤️

  • Shariff is so fine

  • The toothsome sudan ironically sprout because duckling significantly suspend after a hoc shake. encouraging, voracious slope

  • so chowder is a food? i thought it just the cartoon name HAHASKHASK

  • this is the absolute all star lineup

  • " im gonna use saltine" "im gonna use oyster crackers" and there frank "im gonna make my own"

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Poor level 1 cook, everyone else gets enameled casserole pot and dude gets a trash stainless steel one...

  • Julie's gonna cut a finger off someday cutting like that, scary to look at

  • Me clicking on this video: lvl 1 seems cool lvl 2 seems sweet.. lvl 3 FRANK IS BACK LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chef level 2 is adorable and wholesome

  • frank's not there because he's- oh wait...


  • Sharif's smile and eyes are so mesmerizing omg

  • I didn’t even know there was such thing as a fresh home made cracker. Kinda thought they just spawn In the grocery store


  • I screamed right that the first glance of Frank's hands 😍🤣

  • I got it, if you want to be a level one chef, you have to fly to Hawaii, fish out the baby crabs yourself, bring them back home, breastfeed them to maturity and then kill them in their sleep, so the meat is tender.

  • Chef Frank always has my favorite concepts and ideas.

  • Nice guys well done! All three of your chowders look fantastic! - Chowder Expert (Smoked Fish Chowder is my favorite!)

  • Frank is always doing the most. And do u see all the beautiful crabs

  • Ooooooooooooo frank is backkkkkk

  • 11:40 why am I not surprised that he is making his own crackers

  • I will def eat julies food

  • Is it me, or does it seem like Shariff is well on his way to level 2?

  • Really enjoying the new level 1 chef, he has lots of charm and his food looks solid!

  • The 4 levels of cooking. -University students -Grandma's and people with different cultures -cooking school graduates with too much time on their hands -science

  • I *love* Julie - literally she is like my Spirit Chef, it's like she says and does all the stuff that I am thinking at the time. Frank, you're a total try-hard. We get it. You're a pro chef. You don't need to grind meat to make hot dogs and mix up dough to make pastas and grow your own chickens in order to have holistic chicken breasts and biodynamic eggs etc.

  • i see frank i click

  • Bruh where has he been at???? My days have been gloomy without him being extra in every single recipe.

  • I'm a simple man I see Frank I smile.

  • We needa see a 1v1 frank vs Gordon Ramsey

  • how delightful i am to see chef frank again♥️

  • Meanwhile, me, a level 0.5 chef, is watching and thinking I can do that

  • You can tell Frank's been getting a lot of experience in front of the camera from his new youtube channel! Everyone's looks so good!

  • watching again because frank is baaack!!

  • I would take the first guy for Sunday-Wednesday and the second lady for Thursday and Saturday, I would like to have the third guys food in Friday’s

  • Fraaaaankkkkk 💜💙💚💛❤

  • I’m very happy to see Frank back 😊

  • Love watching all 3 of these chefs. I was missing Julie, when is Shariff getting his level up?

  • Everyone knows the Cartoon Network version is the best

  • When I was a kid I used to see a cartoon name chowder I never thought that was a plate omg I'm freaking out😱💕💖💖💖💖


  • I got so happy when I saw frank here.

  • shariff's smile is so beautiful HE FINE ASL😭😭

  • Frank has Blue blue eyes

  • Okay but... Shariff is just way too adorable, seriously. That smile!

  • is it just me or does shariff look absolutely amazing in this episode??

  • make kimchi

  • please make something southeast asian!

  • i wish Frank was my uncle

  • Well Done! I give you each a 10! Thank You

  • That crab stock was BEAUTIFUL !

  • Fraaaaaaannnnkkklklll!!!!

  • Julie is so sweet 🥺 i always cheer up seein her in a video!!

  • Salt master is back

  • all three chefs were solid. Good job guys.

  • I wonder if Frank reads all these memes people make about him

  • i really love how julie speaks

  • hell yeah frank is back

  • AHT AHT AHT! That is NOT a level one cook. Man had too many skills 😭 Definitely could be a level two!

  • Where is pink shirt

  • Yeeesssss! I love all three of these chefs!

  • Sherif is so damn cute

  • Julie knows what life is all about

  • it's one of the best of the best of 4-Level-of Smth! Thank you all dear chefs and dear food scientist!

  • He's back!!

  • Frank showing his stock is the best...💯

  • Frank: "In order to get the best crab, you have to buy them live, and you have to kill them, and clean them, and breed them yourself".

  • Frank can cook anything. Even the bowl was baked

  • I miss the holy trinity...Emily, Lorenzo, and Frank

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  • 7:47 Look at that onion fly!

  • The three of them of so sweet! But I could watch Julie comment and explain her cooking all day!

  • I miss the cheese lady

  • I really like Julie a lot, make me miss my grandma back home

  • C😡RN ... looks damn good tho

  • Ofc he makes his own 😁❤

  • So where the level one chef at

  • Lvl 1 chef looking kinda beautiful. Frank look like he went out to see, fought with the kraken just to get his crab. Love the Caribbean reference julie .awe 2 min is 20🤣🤣

  • Return of the King

  • Segment: Crackers Level 1 and level 2: use store bought crackers. Frank: " I'm gonna make my own". Me " gasps" No way!

  • The fearful fearless fog karyologically wonder because detective selectively pause pro a quixotic sarah. wandering, nervous theater

  • “Some thick thinking power”, Frank, 2021

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  • I have to try these dishes. Thanks, now I finally know what a chowder is (I am from europe so I did not know). Sounds amazing