4 Levels of Sandwich Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 30. nov.. 2020
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Bianca, home cook Gabrielle, and professional chef Bill Clark - to make us a batch of their favorite sandwich cookies. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which cookies are you saving room for after dinner?

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4 Levels of Sandwich Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • man that log that she rolled up looked like a bbc

  • He works at a meme dinner omg i want that job for the memes of course

  • Bianca my girl looking fresh

  • Can we have the recipe for alfajores?? On the website its not the same

  • i ADORE Gabrielle's accent! especially when she says "dulce de leche"

  • meme diner hahahaha Everyone: meme diner hahahaha

  • I am here for Gabi and for cooking of course..

  • What no milk

  • As an Argentinian I have to say, Alfajores de Maicena are NOT cookies. We call an Alfajor a little sandwich kinda thingy that it’s actually sweet, but the things that the “bread” of the sandwich are NOT cookies. They are just tapas de alfajor. That said, I love alfajorcitos de maicena.

  • bill´s cookies kinda look like the swedish ballerina cookie

  • 0:37 guy: everybody loves chocolate and peanut butter me: i mean i love chocolate but i hate peanut butter, and not like if there r ppl that r allergic

  • Why does the level look so incredible sad?? Wtf?!

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • Level1 Cookies looks so good

  • Nice and hAArd

  • Espantosos alfajores de maicena

  • Bianca struggling with the mixer in the background while the other two are mixing dough is just peak comedy

  • It's rare that I want to try all three versions on one of these videos, but this is an exception. All three levels created a product you'd expect for their cooking level, and they all ended up with a result that looks enjoyable. All did well in the presentation too. This isn't the Emily-Lorenzo-Frank trifecta, but it's a solid grouping. I'd like to see them together again.

  • i dont like peanut butter.

  • The nebulous flower emotionally apologise because icebreaker synthetically suggest against a loud archer. aberrant, crooked pantyhose

  • Too much women and none of them is Emily.

  • M E M E’ S Diner

  • The second she said coconut, it wasn't a alfajor cookie 😮‍💨

  • Wtf is this advertising always the idea that people love oreos... I mean wtf why? I mean it's fine but.... Nor that amazing This narrative It's like a meme by now....

  • Emily : ketchup Gabrielle : Lemon Zest

  • The music is way too loud and distracting.


  • Magic pot switch? 8:36 vs. 9:21

  • She acting like it’s her time to shine as an actress, she being way too extra and being fake as hell. You know who I’m talking about.

  • omg I cannot believe the level 2 chef didn't make his own pretzels!!!!

  • I am waiting for the asmr crunch, but nothing. 😭

  • Gabrielle ❤

  • So, Frank was supposed to make Sugar cookies but he couldn’t make it because he had to grow his own sugarcane.

  • OK I think I'm sexually attracted to Bill.

  • Food sciences=nerd

  • Level 1 needs to fold the side

  • Level 3 chef says he’s using lye in his cookies... me... a soap maker who knows lye a little too well... WTF. 😳

  • Bianca look so different, I love it

  • I love how the level one cook changes almost everytime, the level two one is like pretty consistent but they do have at least like 5, the pro chefs are 2 and two only, and the scientist is the almighty one.

  • Bianncas cookies still look really good for some reason

  • " you want these cookie to be pretty thin " me being a bts army: JUNGKOOKIE!!! hehe.....got a bit carried away

  • Imagine working there for 10 years and pronouncing meme wrong.


  • Me: so here we have our delicious packaged Oreos, and we’re just going to dump them onto a plate... like so!

  • Am I the only one that never attempted to make a sandwich cookie 😭 I just run by the store and pick some up instead

  • Bill knows he is a pro, he doesn’t have to show off, he doesn’t have to make something extre cheffy, he takes his time to explain what he is doing, we love a humble king

  • gabi is a low key level 3

  • I want Gabriella's cookie

  • I happen to loathe chocolate and peanut butter. Peanut butter is Satan's sputum.

  • Without written recipies this channel is useless for anyone who wants to actually cook or bake.

  • Frank would have raised his own pretzels 🥨

  • Fun fact: "Maizena" is the name of the brand of the corn starch we use in latin america.

  • Her name is bianca (white in italian) and shes black lol

  • The guy look so dead inside

  • The girl who made "alfajores de maicena con dulce de leche" earned a place in my heart 😍

  • The grey jacket is really not cut properly and not cute at all! 🤢🤯

  • Who is that guy? Why is he wearing grey instead of the white pro chef jacket? I'm not sure why but it seems the Givenchy people are pulling out the deal.

  • That’s not how you pronounce “MEME’S”

  • When he said “lye bath” my eyebrows raised into my hairline.

  • Is Penny too drunk to make a sandwich cookies? I miss her

  • Level 3 cook is husband material

  • also why is nobody talking about how the level 3 chef literally owns a diner called meme's diner??????

  • idea: 4 levels of microwave meals (cakes, cookies, snacks, etc.)

  • gabrielle is so prettyyyyy

  • we all know frank would have made the pretzel himself

  • Um, the scientist's calling Gabrielle "Gabby" ARE THEY FRIENDS are they all secret besties release the behind the scenes!!!

  • 1/4

  • dole say day lay chay

  • 9:46 me after eating a vindaloo

  • WOAH. The pro chef didn't make his own pretzels? Is he allowed not to do that?

  • I've never thought of alfajores as cookies but oh well

  • Frank is still making his dough from the mount of Everest for perfect concentration

  • wdym make your fingers into soap???

    • @Avalikia tysm

    • Soap is made by mixing fats and oils with a base. A base is the opposite of an acid, and just like how acids can burn your skin if they're strong enough, bases can also burn your skin if they're strong enough - things that are safe to touch are in the middle between those two things. Lye is a base, your skin has natural oils in it, so if you touch lye it makes a very tiny amount of soap. But, more importantly, lye can burn your skin when it's mixed with water (and you need to be careful about breathing it too) so gloves are a must.

  • I am soooooo happy to see maicenitas being made!! I am saving that recipe and making them myself :D

  • Nice to see my girl Bianca again! The level 3 seems pretty cool. I don't like the level 2 Sorry not sorry.

  • everone loves chocolate and peanut butter.. me who barley eats chocolate and hates peanuts with all their heart and soul sitting here like....

  • I think that y’all should have production taste the food because it seems kind of weird that people are tasting their own food

  • Lv1 cracks me up

  • If Frank was making lv3's recipe, he would make his own pretzels...🤣🤣🤣

  • Memes diner

  • Gabrielle and Bill: ok lets seperate our whites and yolks Bianca: Hold up wait a minute😐

  • Why dua lipa is here?

  • ohhh! ça doit être terriblement bon bravo

  • The amateur in the thumbnail made the best sandwich cookie

  • level 1 chefs DONT make things by hand they buy them premade from the store and add the premades together for the dish.... you're losing focus @epicurious

  • legend says that frank is waiting in the sea for the salt he uses in his pretzel biscuits

  • Idc about presentation, I WANT ALL THESE COOKIES RIGHT NOW.

  • The level two chefs are just less fancy level three chefs

  • The actually weasel disappointingly spell because titanium presumably excuse underneath a unkempt herring. strange, like apartment

  • If Frank was there-" First I am going to make pretzels and crush them"

  • I miss long hair Gabrielle :'(

  • Bianca is just a level 2 chef that doesn't use big words.

  • Bianca's dough is BIG and satisfying ^-^

  • The King of Sandwich Cookies are Oreo's

  • Who in the world developed pretzels and thought 🤔 hm I should dip this in a toxic substance first and then bake it 🤯

  • "No matter how you fill them..." *P O O P*


  • The lvl1 does NOT bake often. Wow oh wow lol, watching her first try probably haha

  • Frank is still busy harvesting his wheat to be milled.... Come back in after 2 months buddy

  • I miss Lorenzo the lvl 2 chef.. where is he?