4 Levels of Layer Cake: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Publisert 10. feb.. 2021
We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur LA, home cook Daniel, and professional baker Bill Clark - to make us a festive layer cake. Once each level had finished, decorated and presented their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert's perspective. Which of these layer cakes do you want at your party?

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4 Levels of Layer Cake: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • I love when the level 1 chef said new dairy substitutes when I know for a fact that Almond Milk existed since at least Medieval times almond Milk probably isn't the only substitute to exist for a long time, they just are easier to get your hands on as the popularity skyrocketed in recent years.

  • For a person who love cars I find these videos satisfying

  • The comment section is more amateurs than the actual amateur in the video.

  • Lol Daniel, are you okay?

  • stack of crepes does not = cake.

  • Love that there's a plant based one, it would be cool to have a "vegan 3 levels chefs" episode

  • Level 3 chef has sort of a Mr. Perfect vibe

  • I wonder what life must be like when you have as much energy as Daniel does. You must get so much stuff done.

  • Why does Daniel look like Brandon Urie?

  • The level 3 chef feels so wholesome

  • "The more layers, the more frosting you get!!" never thought of a cake that way 😅😅😅

  • Seriously no one thought of making a chocolate cake??????

  • 00:25 jesus christ, why do the level 2 chefs always look so great. That's a beautiful dude

  • The camera man and editor are both clearly in love with the level two chef 👨‍🍳

  • No dairy but vegetable oils 🤮

  • Ouch daniel, those crepes didn't look very good. And a layered crepe cake overall just isn't that tasty. Level 1 did a great job for a level 1, that was more level 2. Level 3 just looks perfect

  • it all about em instangram posts

  • Omg all 3 of these chefs are the best, I loved LA and I am vegan as well

  • Daniel probably went through every emotion while stacking the crêpes lmao

  • Daniel's looks awful as a whole, but it really shines when it's cut.

  • The paltry pencil cytogenetically contain because recess aerobically nest of a ossified road. zonked, absurd yoke

  • There was no need for that bowl to be so full of eggs

  • Just love all the cakes

  • I just came from watching the 4 ways Biryani cooking😢😢😢😢

  • Why are there no recipes posted? :( I wanted to try Bill's recipe but his ig is 404

  • There is something so hopelessly sad about margerine buttercream :(

  • Level one: I thought it was a pure coconut, not a cake Level two: all I ever want when I'm hungry Level three: won't fit in my mouth, and has lemon zest in it...

  • I already feel i can't afford cake number 3 😭

  • Can we just appreciate how buff the level 2 chef is

  • The lady is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • GUYS! Frank has his own NOlong channel called ProtoCooks with Chef Frank.

  • to be fair i've made cakes like daniel's in the past and they're looks don't do them justice hands down i would have eaten daniel's cake

  • The chef looks like he is always about to cry

  • Level 1 chef crushed Level 2 chef on this one. Sorry b.

  • what happened to frank

  • Ogres are not like onions... they are like green crepe layers cakes?

  • The unequaled kenya neurochemically smoke because eggplant phytogeographically ruin failing a perpetual ounce. funny, delirious laugh

  • I may be plant-curious but If Im gonna make a vegan cake, I want a recipe from a level 3 chef not level 1

  • 7:29 Daniel: "I want some volume to this." Like you hair. 😉

  • Is it just me or does Daniel look like an Elf lol

  • I was with the level 1 chef until she started adding shortening and margarine 😧

  • she literally made a sims cake

  • how do you know someone is vegan? they will tell you. over and over.

  • Level 2 chef so cute

  • Please bring back Emily, Lorenzo and Frank!

  • Level 2 takes the cake for me. . . . . . . . . *badum-tss*

  • 2:05

  • 2:12

  • not me in love w chef 2

  • That lady going for a speedrun in getting hated in my book. Annoying is really the selling point it seems. That and a superiority complex. I like my food moist add rich, not dry as a desert. 💃

  • she puts alcohol in her food to forget how bad vegan food is

  • the first level cake looks nasty af

  • Daniel seems like the kind of guy who says hes really unhealthy but every second Instagram post is him working out shirtless

  • great work

  • Is it just me? I think the lvl 1 and lvl 2 chef should swap spots..

  • Am i the only one, that would love to have a level 3 chef as a level 2 chef for something that isn't their specialised dish Like a baking frank?

  • LA’s cake is making me a lil ‘plant curious’ for plant based

  • That blended voices thing that they do actually pretty cool ngl

  • If only I had a dollar everytime she says vegan or plant based.

  • Either I’m old or daniel dyed his hair because it’s grey

  • Okay i’m sorry in advance but that level 3 chef could use his cake batter as shaving cream for his beard......

  • Isn't the level 2 the guy who made a sweet grilled cheese? I love it.

  • I rarely make cake, but now I really wanna. Strawberry cream cake sounds super tasty!

  • I can never make Daniel's cake bcz I don't have that patience...I am pretty sure after halfway I'll ruin it bcz I'll get irritated

  • These are the ugliest cakes I have ever seen. The plant based one is a joke. Real weak episode of weak cakes, shame they couldn't get better.

  • Daniel is crazy funny

  • Thanks for subtitles! I'm Russian and I couldn't find any good videos with the food scientists. I don't always understand what speakers are talking about and it helps me so much. Format of the video is really interesting and helpful💜

  • Why is the Iron Fist the level 3 chef?

  • This is the first video I've seen that the level 3 has the best LOOKING dish.

  • 3 awful

  • The Level 3 chef tho 😳

  • Where do I get Level 3 recipe? 🥺🥺🥺

  • Why does chef 2 remind me of a disney prince

  • I enjoy watching this being a home cook it gives me motivation

  • I like the new level 1 😀

  • I feel like someone in the office is having a birthday party

  • 'Green crepes that even Shrek would be proud of' as if Shrek has high standards when it comes to this stuff

  • its a shame about memes diner ://

  • plant-based butter - its called margarine. ;) plant-based margarine - There is no cow-margarine, either. These people are high-jacking everything. :)))

  • Damn, 2 & 3 I'm in love 😍

  • Level 1 Chef: "Some coconut oil, and plant-based butter..." Ummm, you mean margarine?

  • Cant sleep because of my teeth hurting, how about watching people cooking desserts

  • Danielle's pretty cool in this one. And Macha is rather trendy. I love it 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • im vegan but yeah imma just add 50 pounds of sugar lol.

  • This came out on my birthday


  • vegan teacher would love her?

  • The green cake looks moldy.

  • the level three chef has really easy hands with food he makes it look like an easy but beautiful mess of delicious cake

  • did he say calcium powder? I thought I knew how to cook or at least ingredients...

  • if I'm sad I would just watch daniel and suck out positive energy from him. how is he so genuinely happy like that??

  • me trying to figure out what is plant-based yogurt made of...

  • level 2 chef is hot!!!

  • Everything was normal until all of them said "SALT" ;-;

  • I think the home cooks one was the best no offence

  • They all look messy!

  • 4 levels of okonomiyaki?

  • This is my -insert computer voice- "vegan coconut rum layer cake"... Is this signs of the impending computer takeover???

  • Daniel is a snack man

  • 3 Super Powers of 3 chefs : Dried Coconut 🥥, Macha, Strawberry 🍓.