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Publisert 4. mars. 2021
It’s here - the last video you’ll ever need to make any potato recipe. Join Chef Adrienne Cheatham for a deep dive into the different characteristic and properties of waxy, mealy, and all-purpose potatoes. Which should you pick for the crispiest french fries? What’s the best potato for roasting? Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew? Chef Adrienne will break it all down, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to be successful in all your potato endeavors.

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 Types Of Potato
01:47 Idaho Russet
02:25 Upstate Abundance
03:37 Kennebec
04:13 Gold Rush Russet
04:57 Russet Burbank
05:50 Red Bliss
07:03 French Fry Test
07:35 Potato Chips
10:51 Banana Fingerling
11:35 Pinto Gold
12:24 Density Test
13:10 Baby Reds / Baby Whites
14:10 Potato Salad
16:10 German Butterball
16:58 Purple Peruvian
17:44 Purple Viking
18:22 Peter Wilcox
19:04 Yukon Gold
20:02 Mashed Potatoes

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Picking The Right Potato For Every Recipe - The Big Guide | Epicurious


  • This lady is awesome


  • 9:32 Yes!!! Mayo is my fav sauce And fries are my fav food Soo.. Its a Win-win combo peoples :) (Plus ketchup lol)

  • Meh, take the Indian potato and use it everywhere. Done


  • i wanna die *eats raw potatoes*

  • I love living in idaho and learning about potatoes 🥔

  • Yukon Gold is the best! variety. Love them for potato salad!!! My mom and I complain that they aren't as common as they used to be at the grocery store and then she ran into a potato farmer who told her he grows a stash of Yukons for his family & friends.

  • *laughs in Technoblade*

  • Fries with mayo? Depends: if it's an oily mayo like japanese-style or the stuff you get from chic fil a? Absolutely. But if you bring me an eggy mayo like Hellman's I'm gonna send you right back to the man himself

  • Yse

  • The Apopka guide.

  • My family recipe for mashed potatoes is peeling and cutting potatoes, boiling them, mashing them, add milk, egg yolk (1 or 2, depends on the size) and, sometimes butter. And when everything has the good texture, we grate some muscat nut.

    • @Geekdujardin well.. you need an oven;)

    • @Kuroinokitsune Maybe, I never done meringues, I don't know how to prepare them.

    • @Geekdujardinmeringue?

    • @Kuroinokitsune Sadly, I throw them out or cook them and give them to my dog. But I've seen a few ways to not waste them and use them in an other way.

    • what do you do with whites?

  • Is she Irish?

  • Oh great, now I'm in love with this potato maiden

  • Where are the sweet potatoes?

  • I love this class

  • This is so alien to me as someone from Argentina Down here we just have potatoes. Sometimes they're big, sometimes they're small, but if I asked for a specific kind of potato the store clerk would be so confused

    • same in Russia, unless it is happening in seeds store.

  • Next one for sweet potatoes

  • has a nice smell of cow poop

  • Idaho Russets needs to be grown in Idaho otherwise they are just "sparkling spuds"

  • I wonder if there are any points to pick fresh potatoes. I feel it wasting time to remove a sort of root from the surface.

  • Adrienne from Top Chef!

  • Aw... I was hoping to see a segment on hash browns... what’s the best potato for hash browns!!! 😫

  • We need more videos like this! I love in-depths looks

  • Russian bananas :)

  • 1: Ranch with fries is the GOAT. 2: I prefer Yukon Gold for french fries (and chips). They're so good...

  • screw you conde nast

  • potet is potet

  • 3:21 good to know! I always snack on the scaraps that weren't big enough to bother boiling yet not small enough to justify throwing away. I'll stop the raw potato snacking - I'd rather tempt fate with raw cookie dough.

  • 0:39 Everything going smoothly and then... *heart attack*

  • So in what category would sweet potatoes fall under? 😢🍠

  • or Waygu beef

  • Mayo only serves well with peri peri fries.

  • Yukon Golds are my favorite!!

  • She boiled the potatoes whole, then skinned them for mashing? That's odd. I should try that next time. I usually chop them, and leave the skins on; or peel them at the start, if I don't want the peel.

  • i love this woman! she makes me wanna just cook and savour a meal with only potatoes

  • thanks for showing how to peel hot potato, I was wondering how to do it and not burn myself for ages

  • Wow this was so entertaining... I can’t believe it was 25 minutes long 😟

  • You have to try papa criolla (phureja) from Colombia. It's a small yellow potato that you add to soup but, better yet, fry!

  • This was great! You guys should do an onion version❤️🧅

  • No Mayo fries !

  • Facinating to learn the names of potatoes in other countries! Swedens most common are Asterix, King Edward and Almond potato. Also there's the Blue Congo, a blueish purple kind :)

  • I love this woman! She's great, I loved her presentation and energy. Mayo is totally acceptable on fried also.

  • McDonalds fries are disgusting!?!?!?! I'll will die without understand what you americans see in it. It tastes like paper

  • Hold up I have to say this as a German: That is NOT a german Potato Salad we eat it with Mayonase just like u lol u will almost never see a Potato salad with out the Mayo :D but that one looked damn good as well!

  • I put hot sauce on my French fries personally.

    • @Amy It's more of a "I grew up in a country that has quite the palate for spicy food" thing than a rebel thing in this case.

    • Always the rebel, aren't you Lelouch?

  • So what do you for a living? Oh I’m a potato expert What? Yeah like those fries you’re eating? Those are Idaho russets known for their mealy texture, it’s great for frying bcuz of its star... wait where are you going?

  • YES for Mayo with fries! Also ranch, honey mustard, bbq, almost any aoli, and yes of course ketchup.

  • I love this segment on epicurious. Give much information for someone who wanna learn cooking. Thank you Epicurious

  • I loveddd this video! She was a great host and I just love potatoes 😂😂 definitely made me want to just go eat some potatoes by itself lol

  • i never knew i needed this. thank you!!!! i hope you do ones about bananas.

  • So what do I do in Australia?

  • Here in my country there is only one type: potato lol. Joke aside, there's no way to differentiate beside the color of the skin/peel or if it's sweet potatoes.

  • She's cute!

  • When are you guys doing a spices guide??

  • Yukon Gold FTW! I don't buy anything else anymore, either.

  • I grew up eating raw potatoes and now I'm finding out ur not supposed to eat them raw👀the heck, guess us southerner are immune

  • That’s not potato salad

  • 19:41 😉😂

  • science is real - a little part of me died when she said that. loved the potato primer thank you

  • Potato Expert Guess Cheap vs Expensive Potatoes. Why don't they do that series anymore? It was the best thing on this channel! BRING IT BACK!

  • Mayo is great for fries.

  • i love eating raw potatos 🤣

  • Wow, this women is so fckng beautiful, lucky fcng husband

  • Not @ me watching a 25min long video about all kinds of potatoes, while where I live I can barely find 3 (similar) types at the grocery store

  • the speech impediment is too annoying couldnt make it past the fries

  • okay but what about sweet potatoes ;-;

    • They blow. Eat them on Thanksgiving and pretend they don't exist the other 364 days a year.

  • She looks exactly like the type of person to be an expert on potatoes 😳.

  • No

  • Me after watching this video: pOtAyTo XpErT

  • 10:50 It’s funny that it is called a banana fingerling because the word banana comes from the Arabic word for finger.

  • When will come a 50 people try ... video again ? :( it was funny to watch

  • What about ranch with fries.

  • This can be used for cooking? I just use these to power my house

  • And here in Argentina we have POTATO. Ok that’s it. Do what you can with that!

  • Potatoes are the most versatile grown food out of vegetables and fruits. In this essay I will

  • “Here we’ve got some chips” Eh no. Chips are actually in the pot with oil.

    • @ChrisKatsu 😴

    • @Samantha Villa you should get some sleep then.

    • The year is 2021 and we’ve heard this argument 100x. We’re tired 🥱😰

  • Do you guys compost in your kitchen and if so can you make a vid showing how everyday people with limited budget can make it as well?

  • If you made it to the end, you have now earned a doctorate in potatology

  • Germany is divided in this oil based potato salad and the mayonaise based one. You can draw a line between the regions where one is prefered over the other. IIRC it's north oil, south mayo, where Aachen (my place) is mayo.

  • Go. Back. To. Canada. With your mayo on your fries

  • Don't eat the skins of potatoes that have been exposed to light and are turning green, they contain solanine. Cooking does not reduce solanine. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solanine

  • What a fun video. Seriously, Adrienne is ADORABLE!!! She's great!

  • MAYO IS ESSENTIAL FOR FRIES!!! Fry sauce also counts:)

  • Can't believe that I watched a whole video about potatoes and loved it

  • Wait, it’s all potatoes? Always has been

  • Is the Upstate Abundance the variety used in traditional New York State Fair Salt Potatoes?

  • 5:19 Preach

  • Edit: 2x speed is 🤣 2:51 R.I.P. Idaho Potato, 2011 - 2021

  • Home cook vs pro chef Gordon Ramsay edition.

  • ooooh, could you do "the big guide" for apples?

  • I‘m German and German potatosalad is with warm stock, vinegar, fresh chopped onions, vegetable oil, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, a bit of nutmeg, and herbs like parsley and chives but no dill and the potato’s are cut in thin slices not in quarters ! In summer you can also use a bit of thin Mandolined cucumber and radish for freshness

  • Why no sweet potato?

  • Please get Chef Adrienne to do more of these videos! She's got great energy, but is still down to earth. Pleasure to watch!

  • she looks hella delicious !

  • Everyone else learning for exams Me in my bed watchinga patato guide

  • Give me back my Franky.

  • What? I eat potatoes raw right of the ground!😦

  • Ummmm did i miss the part about hash browns? Also, her hair is mesmerizing.